In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting some of the most influential ladies of the cigar industry: from famous women smokers to women who run their own cigar brands. 

However, women have perhaps made the most significant impact on cigar social media. That’s why today we’re listing some of our favorite female cigar influencers who definitely deserve a follow. 

Rojo Corojo (TikTok)

Why she rules: Not only does Hannah (RojoCorojo) sample tons of great cigars on her social accounts, but she creates fresh, funny, and trendy content you don’t see every day. We recommend checking out her TikTok, but her Instagram is just as fun!

Cigar Vixen (Youtube)

Why she rules: Delicia –– or Cigar Vixen as she’s come to be known –– is one of the OGs of cigar social media. She has a vast back catalog of videos and cigar reviews full of key details about tobacco, flavor, and performance. And, she does some fantastic unboxing content as well –– for those who love quality packaging. If you’re on the fence about smoking a certain cigar, check out her channel first because odds are she’s already reviewed it!

Stogiechik (Instagram)

Why she rules: Jessica, AKA Stogiechik, is an excellent follow for any cigar enthusiast, but particularly for any newcomers to the hobby. Why? Because she does a fantastic job of explaining some cigar essentials –– like how to light up a cigar properly or what the term “puro” means –– in a fun, easily digestible way. Plus, she regularly attends awesome cigar events and constantly drops cool photos from the road (including one with cigar and cooking celeb Guy Fieri).

Ashleysmokin (Instagram)

Why she rules: Ashley of Ashleysmokin fame is pretty much the epitome of a total cigar boss. She has incredible style, a kickass social media presence, and highlights some lesser-known cigars you might not have heard of yet. What’s not to love? 

Honorable Mentions

It’s safe to say that we’re living in the golden age of cigar aficionadas. All of these women are great follows in case you’re looking for more inspiration from cigar social media: 


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There’s no question, over the history of cigars it’s been an industry dominated by men. But, as times change, the world evolves, and that’s no longer the story. If there’s anything these women are showing the world, it’s that they can not only live in this man's world, but own it.

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