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You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re new to cigars, or an expert we’ve got something for everybody. Check out the groups and join the conversation around your favorite cigars.

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The Lounge group image

The Lounge

Anything goes.

Todays Smokes group image

Today's Smokes

Chat with others to see what they’re smoking today.

Beer and Cigars group image

Drinks and Cigars

Trade drink pairing tips among your fellow cigar lovers.

The Mentors Corner group image

The Mentors' Corner

Ask your burning questions to our Cigar World Expert members.

Ward B

Ward B

If you're looking for a great cigar community, filled with people that respect each other, listen to each other, actually care about each other, without hassles, Ward B might just be for you, too

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Join the group that needs no introduction. Macanudo. Celebrate iconic Cigars with Macanudo fans from around the country.

CAO group image


There's something for everybody when it comes to CAO. Join the CAO group and revel with the flatheads, flavor fans and consiglieres that make up CAO.

Punch Brotherhood group image

Punch Brotherhood

Join the Punch Brotherhood. We don't rule the galaxy, but we run the world... cigar world that is. Join the group to stay up to date on all things Mr. Punch.

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Hoyo de Monterrey

The original Honduran craft cigar, discuss your favorites from Excalibur to La Amistad.

La Gloria Cubana group image

The La Gloria Cubana Society

Join the La Gloria Cubana Society. Celebrate with other La Gloria fans.

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Pass on your Partagás knowledge. Passionate for finely crafted cigars this group respects the mentors that make Partagás happen. Join Partagás.

Cohiba group image


The ultimate, modern luxury cigar brand. Join a group looking for luxury and willing to share their ultimate smoking experience.

Diesel group image

Diesel Disciples

Discover Diesel. Uncut and unapologetic, dig deep with this group of Diesel Cigar fans.