There’s no question, over the history of cigars it’s been an industry dominated by men. But, as times change, the world evolves, and that’s no longer the story. If there’s anything these women are showing the world, it’s that they can not only live in this man's world but own it.

That’s why the cigar gurus at Cigar World have scoured social media to find the most badass Sisters of the Leaf, so sit back and enjoy some of our favorite women in cigars.

naked cigar

#5 Naked Cigar

Why we love her:

  • An up-and-coming Sister of the Leaf. 
  • Her content gives an innovative, fresh perspective to female cigar influencers.
  • Immense knowledge of brands and the blends that go into them, and her constant touring of cigar factories proves this.

Follow her here: @nakedcigar


#4 niaamcigar

Why we love her:

  • Niaam is one of the budding women cigar influencers, touting her undeniable passion, love and knowledge for cigars in all of her content. 
  • Brings a fresh take to pairing cigars with beverages.
  • Embraces the full extent of the cigar lifestyle in all of her creative.

Follow her here: @NiaamCigar

Cigar Vixen

#3 Cigar Vixen

Why we love her: 

  • Delicia is infamous within the cigar community, she’s not only a popular cigar reviewer and blogger, but also an event attendee.
  • Her super-palate has allowed her to become one of the most trusted women in cigars.
  • Produces a cigar show on Amazon and YouTube for additional content.

Follow her here: @CigarVixen

Elaine CBH

#2 Eliane cbh

Why we love her:

  • Elaine is the owner of Cigar Bar Hawaii, frequently hosting events and bringing her mobile cigar bar to company outings, golf tournaments, and outdoor events across the big island. 
  • Immense knowledge of a wide array of cigar brands and the blends behind them.

Follow her here: @elaine_cbh


#1 Remarkable_Liz

Why we love her:

  • A Master Cigar Sommelier through the IACS.
  • She’s the founder of the Remarkable Aficionadas, a women-focused cigar group that’s built to empower women to be part of the cigar community without being sexualized. 
  • Luxury Cigar Club brand ambassador.

Follow her here: @remarkable_liz

Follow these sisters of the leaf

From everyone at Cigar World, we hope this article has helped find some new and interesting female cigar influencers to follow. With all the amazing female cigar aficionadas out there, a few of your favorites may have slipped off our top 5 list. So, if there’s any we gotta know about, let us hear about them in the comments!

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  • Member Avatar
    (4 years ago)

    All might be sisters of the leaf,but the QUEEN of the leaf is Odelma Matos.

  • Member Avatar
    (4 years ago)

    I met Delicia (Cigar Vixen) at an event. She was delightful, informative and she was very courteous. She took the time with all the attendees.