As we’ve covered before, women are playing an increasingly significant role in the cigar industry –– not just as consumers –– but also as leading figures at some of the most popular brands. Indeed, numerous women have stepped into prominent roles at traditional cigar giants while other enterprising aficionadas have struck out on their own to form new brands. As part of our focus this month on women in the cigar industry, today, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite female-led cigar brands (several of which may surprise you)!

La Faraona Cigars

Odelma Matos has worked at practically every level of the cigar industry. She’s the daughter of a tobacconist, she trained to become a torcedor (or torcedora in this instance), and now she owns and operates her own cigar brand, La Faroana Cigars, near Tampa Bay, Florida. She also runs two cigar lounges in the area –– so be sure to check them out if you’re in Tampa!

Arturo Fuente 

Is it any surprise that the granddaughter Arturo Fuente (and the daughter of Carlos A. Fuente) would be a leading figure in the cigar industry? Cynthia Fuente-Suarez is both the Vice President of Arturo Fuente Cigars and a board member of the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. There’s a reason she’s known as the “First Lady of Cigars,” after all. 

Flor de Selva

European cigar lovers will probably recognize the next name on our list, Flor de Selva, which first hit the market in 1995 in France. Since then, the creation of Maya Selva has been a favorite of European smokers. For her part, Maya Selva splits her time between the company HQ in Paris and plantations/factories in Honduras and Nicaragua. 

My Father Cigars 

Cigar companies are often family affairs. Such is the case with My Father Cigars. The story of this brand starts with Jamie Garcia, who created a line of cigars to honor his dad, Jose “Pepin” Garcia. Now, Pepin, Jaime, and Janny Garcia –– the daughter of Pepin and brother of Jaime ––  run the critically-acclaimed brand together. 

Women have been making waves in the cigar industry for as long as there’s been a cigar industry to speak of. As consumers, influencers, managers, torcedoras, and executives, women already play a vital role in the cigar community, and their influence will only continue to grow in the coming years. For more information on your favorite cigar leaders, brands, and events, sign up for Cigar World today. 


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    I really enjoyed the Tres Reynas cigars. Was this just a one-time collaboration or will there be future editions?

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    Shocked and disappointed; no mention of Migdalia Sanchez. Somebody owes an apology.