Masters Series

The Masters Series is a project from Cigar World that is designed to shine a light on all the aspects of the cigar lifestyle beyond the smoke itself. We’ll talk with industry professionals, share videos, and post articles about various topics that are relevant to the Cigar World Community!

Volume One: Wine

The first subject we’re going to cover in the Masters Series is wine. Not only is wine a fantastic pairing option for cigars, but the right wine can deliver an unforgettable experience on its own. And fine wine –– like premium cigars –– requires a refined palate and a deep understanding of the product to truly appreciate it. Thankfully, we’ll get you up to speed on all things wine, whether you’re a wine connoisseur already or are completely new to the topic. Along the way, we’ll talk with industry leaders like Aaron Michaelis of Flint Knoll winery, and share valuable advice for selecting the best wines for any occasion.

From Seed To Cigar

The definitive guide to handmade cigars. Learn about the process to create premium cigars and level up your aficionado status with a series of quizzes.

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