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Three Purest Ways to Light A Cigar

You'll hear all kinds of things from cigar connoisseurs about the 'right' way to light a cigar. There are a lot of opinions out there, but like many wonderful parts…

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HumidifGroup USA Started Cooperating with Ferio Tego Cigar Co.

HumidifGroup USA, industry brings to the public its new Smart Packaging technology, in conjunction with the launch of Ferio Tego Cigar Co.

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Southern Draw Cigars Releases Jacobs Ladder – The Ascension

Today, on September 23, 2021, Southern Draw Cigars will release the newest Jacobs Ladder, a Belicoso Fino which is 5.5x52, a size that is offered with a box press and…

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Pospiech Inc Announces a New Cigar: The Bangarang

Pospiech has created a new cigar with a new collaboration. The Bangarang is a 6 x 48 cigar that is made with Espinosa Cigars.

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Cigar Review: CLE 25th Anniversary 11/18 (2020 TAA Exclusive)

In 2020, CLE Cigar Company announced a cigar to commemorate owner Christian Eiroa’s 25 years in the cigar business. The cigar is called the CLE 25th Anniversary. One of the…

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Welcome to the I'd Tap That Cigar Show Presented by Corona Cigar.

I'm your host Kevin Shahan and I am coming to you live from the Drew Estate Experience…

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Montecristo Ciudad de Musica Cigar Review

This week I take a look at stunning Montecristo Ciudad de Musica. Join me in my Montecristo Ciudad de Musica cigar review cigar review to see if I recommend this…

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Ferio Tego Brings Back Nat Sherman’s Humidors, Ashtrays

Today, Ferio Tego will begin shipping a host of products that were once sold by Nat Sherman. That includes the already announced Timeless Prestige and...
The post Ferio Tego Brings Back…

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The Casa Cuevas Patrimonio was released to honor the Cuevas' "Heritage". 5 Generations of cigar history and going strong!

#CasaCuevas #CasaCuevasPatrimonio #CigarReview

Where I shop for cigars with free shipping:


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Ferio Tego Timeless Collection is now available

Following the recent announcement of the release of Ferio Tego’s flagship namesake brand of premium cigars slated for the first week of October, the company is pleased to share the…

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Drew Estate Nica Rustica El Brujito – Blind Cigar Review

"This was definitely a cigar that had my attention, especially for the first half. I really enjoyed the back and forth I was getting with the chewy smoked meats and…

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La Gloria Cubana Presents Criollo de Oro

La Gloria Cubana presents “Criollo de Oro,” a new, limited edition collection named after the hybrid varietal developed by crossing two Cuban seed tobaccos: the versatile Criollo ’98 with the…

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Top 5 Tailgating Cigars 2021

Football season started so what better to put together our top 5 tailgating cigars. These cigars are perfect when grilling, drinking or throwing the pigskin in the parking lot.…

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#NowSmoking: 300 Hands Maduro Lancero by Southern Draw

Reading Time: 5 minutes With a Famous-exclusive Lancero size, and a value price, Southern Draw’s full-bodied 300 Hands Maduro checks all the right boxes. At least on paper. But…

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Mombacho Cigars S.A. Releases Botucal for Germany

Mombacho Cigars S.A. announces its September 2021 release of the German-exclusive cigar, Botucal by Mombacho in partnership with Diplomático Rum.

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Jake Wyatt Ships Lancero Sampler – Cigar News

Jake Wyatt Cigar Co. showed off a new 5-pack of lanceros their Gourmet Line blends at the PCA 2021 Trade Show. That sampler started shipping earlier this week. The…

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Cigar Review: CAO Arcana Mortal Coil (Toro)

At the start of 2021, General Cigar Company announced the launch of a new limited edition series under its CAO brand known as Arcana. The Arcana series is described as…

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5 Reasons MORE GUYS are smoking CIGARS!!!

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Viaticum 2021 Toro

Welcome to the Tim Rollins channel and my review of the Viaticum 2021 Toro.

To help keep these reviews going please donate using PayPal and send your donation to,…

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All Saints St. Francis Toro

Ahead of Tobacco Plus Expo 2021, All Saints Cigars announced that it would be adding a second line to the company’s portfolio. This line—unlike the...
The post All Saints St. Francis…

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Southern Draw Cigars Says It’s Open to New Investors

Southern Draw Cigars says that it is interested in expanding its operations, including a public announcement that it is interested in bringing on new investors....
The post Southern Draw Cigars Says…

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Pospiech Collaborates with Espinosa on Bangarang

Pospiech has announced they have collaborated on a new cigar with Espinosa Premium Cigars called The Bangarang. The cigar is a 6 x 48 cigar and only 5,000 were produced.…

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La Moneda Reserva Limitado Capa Maduro Lonsdale Cigar Review

La Moneda Reserva Limitado Capa Maduro Lonsdale Cigar Review – This 6.5×44 stick features a dark chocolate, firmly packed oily wrapper with a satin feel, large triple cap and faint…

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CigarAndPipes CO Ashdrop 208

This is a crowd sourced cigar deal weekly series with bringing you a VERY special weekly deal that YOU help choose!  Each week there will be three deals to…

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