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How Your Elevation Can Change Cigar Flavor

Cigars can seem pretty temperamental. They respond to humidity, temperature, and believe it or not - elevation. It's something I've heard a lot about in the cigar world. But I…

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You have asked for a retailer show. On Episode 211, you are getting one like no other one before.

“Honest Abe Dababneh” of Smoke Inn, David Garofalo of Two Guys…

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Alec Bradley Cigar Company’s PCA Exclusive cigar, the Magic Toast Box Pressed Gran Toro, is now en route to retailers. The Alec Bradley Magic Toast Box Pressed Gran Toro was…

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Cabaiguan Perfecto Slated for Summer 2022

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje gave his social media followers a glimpse at one of his planned new releases for 2022, a Cabaiguan perfecto that measures...
The post Cabaiguan Perfecto Slated for…

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E.P. Carrillo has announced that it has hired former Habanos S.A. executive Jorge Luís Fernández Maique to be its new general manager. Lissette Perez-Carrillo told...
The post E.P. Carrillo Names Former…

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Both a new line and a revamped line from La Palina will soon be showing up in humidors, as the company has begun shipping its...
The post La Palina Ships 125…

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Cigar News: Isabela Cigar Company Releases Mammoth

Isabela Cigar Company has released the Mammoth. It’s a small-batch limited production line consisting of two large ring gauge offerings. Mammoth is a barber-pole offering featuring an Ecuadorian DesFlorada wrapper…

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Oliva Melanio Maduro No. 4 Cigar Review

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. If you're in cigars today, you'll notice a lot of that going on. Nearly every cigar maker out there is pumping out…

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Isabela Cigars Releases The Mammoth

Isabela Cigars has released The Mammoth, a new line arriving at stores that is geared towards fans of big ring gauges. The Mammoth features a...
The post Isabela Cigars Releases The…

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Agile Cigar Reviews are cigar assessments where we use a lightweight, shorter format. These will never take the place of our comprehensive reviews. They are only used on blends we…

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Black Lion Luxuries Cigar of The Month Club Box Opening December 2021 | #leemack912 (S07 E149)

Black Cigar Companies

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Monthly Donation…

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StogieBird Unboxing

Latest from StogieBird

Check it out with special Brand of the Month Cavalier Geneve

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CO BG Reserve Barberpole Cigar Review

CO BG Reserve Barberpole Cigar Review – This 6×52 twin wrapper stick features a box pressed firmly packed set of wrapper with both a buttery soft and satin feel, pigtail…

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6 Reasons Cigar Prices MAY INCREASE this year!!!

1:41 PDR Half-Corona Cigars (first third)

4:17 Reason #1 Inflation

6:25 Reason #2 Lack of Crop Yields

7:49 Reason #3 Shipping Costs Rising

9:00 Cigar Review 1/2 Way thru

10:00 Reason…

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Steve Saka and Dave Lafferty of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust are live with Nick Libretti to discuss the final chapter in the JR Anniversary cigars!

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Cigar of Year PLUS the Top 25 Revealed

Nate and Rob guess what Cigar Aficionado Magazines’ top 25 cigars will be and why. Compile your own lists to share during the LIVE broadcast Dec 3rd at noon CST.

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The Limited Cigar Association (LCA) has become known for its monthly release of limited production cigars that are released on the first Friday of every...
The post Limited Cigar Association Adding…

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Arturo Fuente Opus X Rosado Oro Oscuro Belicoso XXX Cigar Review

This week I take a look at the stunning Arturo Fuente Opus X Rosado Oro Oscuro Belicoso XXX cigar (yes that name is a mouthful). Join me in my Arturo…

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Emperors Cut Adding Indulgence

Emperors Cut Cigars has announced its third line of cigars: Indulgence. The new line will be offered in two sizes and made at the Ortez...
The post Emperors Cut Adding Indulgence…

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Sinistro NV Shipping This Week

Sinistro Cigars is pushing the upper end of its portfolio with a new limited production cigar coming out this week, the NV. It’s a line...
The post Sinistro NV Shipping This…

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I'm always on the hunt for good cheap sticks and Buffalo Ten cigars are sold in cost saving bundles or 5 bucks a piece. But is it actually a good…

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Our review just went live but wait, there's more! Check out this one time, limited promotion we are offering just for today!

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ATL Magic – Blind Cigar Review

"Plenty of joy was had smoking this wonderful cigar. You can be assured that a box purchase would definitely be worth the coin. If you don't mind a little firm…

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#NowSmoking: Aganorsa Leaf Exclusivo

Reading Time: 4 minutes Aganorsa Leaf’s famed Nicaraguan Corojo Shade wrappers make their debut on the Famous Smoke Shop exclusive cigars list. Cigar Advisor’s Jared Gulick lights one up…

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New Dual Jet Lighter Review & CigarAndPipes CO Ashdrop 218

This super cheap, good quality dual flame lighter is a rudimentary copy of a small Prometheus, that you might want to snag here while you can: This is a…

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