The cigar community is full of colorful characters –– both real and fictional. Indeed, cigars and cigar brands are often mythologized by consumers and by the brands themselves! As a happy result, we have a litany of fictional cigar ladies who have captivated smokers for generations. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites here: 

La Gloria Cubana –– Lady La Gloria

There is perhaps no more recognizable character in the cigar industry than Lady La Gloria –– of La Gloria Cubana cigars. She’s adorned La Gloria Cubana smokes since the brand’s inception in 1895. While she may have started as a symbol to celebrate the people of Cuba, she has since become an inspiration to the La Gloria Cubana Society, one of the most dedicated and educated cigar communities in the world. 

Deadwood Tobacco –– Leather Rose

From one of the oldest fictional ladies of the cigar industry, we now turn our attention to a cadre of the newest. Namely, the collection of ladies who form the Deadwood Tobacco Leather Rose line. Obviously, we’ve got Leather Rose herself along with her “sisters,” Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice. These distinctive logos are equal parts wild west, horror movie, and rock album, and they represent wonderful off-the-wall cigars with a cult-like following. 

Julieta –– of Romeo y Julieta

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about arguably the most famous fictional woman of all time, wouldn’t we? Julieta may just be one-half of the equation here, but she’s appeared in Romeo y Julieta branding for over a century now. Plus, Romeo y Julieta did release a cigar (Capulet) that was named just for Julieta’s family. 

La Palina

Technically speaking, “La Palina” isn’t a made-up character but rather a fictional representation of a real woman –– Goldie Drell Paley –– the wife of cigar legend and founder of La Palina cigars, Sam Paley. Paley’s story is unique in cigar history; he was a Ukrainian immigrant living in Chicago when he decided to enter the cigar business. Thankfully for us, he did, and La Palina cigars are still going strong today!

Honorable Mentions

  • La Madrina –– Dapper Cigar Co.
  • Elenor Rose –– Serino
  • Rose of Sharon –– Southern Draw

We think this is a pretty solid list, but did we forget about your favorite fictional lady of the leaf? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to register for Cigar World for more awesome content just like this!

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