Best butane torch lighters for cigars: a figurative & literal hot-list

Let me ask you a question. Would you put unleaded gas in a Porsche or a Ferrari? Nope, ya sure wouldn’t. Or at least I hope you wouldn’t. So, please, for the love of God, don’t light your premium cigars with cheap see-through plastic lighters from the corner bodega. It’s science, the better the flame, the better the cigar experience. That’s why Cigar World has put together a figurative and literal hot-list of the best butane torch lighters for your cigars.

From Alec Bradley to Jetline to Xikar, Cigar World’s hot-list of single flame, double flame, triple flame and quad flame butane torch lighters are sure to light your fire.

Best single flame butane torch lighters

The Tactical 1 Butane Torch Lighter: Xikar

This bad boy is loaded with extra features, starting with the lid that also functions as a cigar rest. The oversized tinted fuel window lets you know at a glance how much juice is left, and the powerful single jet flame is 25-50% wider than those produced by other single flame lighters on the market. 

Price: $69.99

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The Burner Table-Top Lighter: Alec Bradley

The Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter is an eye-catching piece in the shape of a tea kettle. The base measures 3" in diameter, offering a ginormous butane tank, which allows this lighter to burn for up to 2 hours depending on flame setting. Just release the gas, push the button, adjust the flame, and you're smokin' within seconds!

Price: $44.99

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Jetmaster Single Flame Mega Jet Lighter: Jetline

Jetline is famous for offering quality lighters at prices that never disappoint. Their Jetmaster Single Flame Mega Jet Lighter is no exception. This compact lighter has a see-through bottom half allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your butane level and is available in four different accent color options.

Price: $12.99

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Best double flame butane torch lighters

The Turrim Double Lighter: Xikar

This solid specimen is heavy in the hand and is built in the shape of a cigar, making for easy travel inside your favorite herf-a-dor or cigar carrying case. The single action slide top ignition system makes for an easy light and the oversized, ratcheted fuel adjustment wheel feels as high end as it gets.

Price: $71.99

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New York Dual-Flame: Jetline

The Jetline New York dual-flame may not be as powerful as its triple, and quad-flame torches, but don't underestimate this highly effective lighter. The flame is scorching hot, and pumps out some impressive amounts of heat, easily lighting any cigar. 

Price: $14.50

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The 52 Orion: Lotus

The Lotus 52 Orion features a unique single action push to start button that produces two torch flames that angle to a point. A 10mm punch cutter flips out from the bottom making a one stop shop to prepping any fine premium cigar. It also has a tinted fuel window and is altitude tested up to 7,000 feet.

Price: $79.99

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Best triple flame butane torch lighters

The Tactical Triple Butane Torch Lighter: Xikar

The Xikar Tactical Triple Lighter is an outdoorsy cigar aficionado's best friend. A seriously rugged shell provides all the reliability you expect from Xikar. Flip the heavy-duty lid with your thumb and feel the power that comes from three in-line flames, with the two on the outside at a slight angle to make an effective triangle-shaped flame.

Price: $99.99

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The Glock Triple Torch Lighter: Vertigo

Three wind resistant torch flames shoot out of this ergonomic flame thrower lying just beneath its protective flip-top lid. A design that feels great in the hand, Glock features a see-through fuel tank with an oversized flame adjustment wheel.

Price: $12.50

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The Ignition Table Top Triple Torch Lighter: NUB

Coming in at just 3 inches tall, this cylindrically shaped lighter is a powerhouse. Sporting a gorgeous design, 3 searing torch flames angled to a point for precision, and an innovative lighting mechanism, this stylish table-top lighter works flawlessly.

Price: $49.99

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Best quad flame butane torch lighters

The Quad Torch Lighter: Rockwell 

If you’ve used Rockwell accessories before, you know that this brand and quality go hand in hand. With a large butane tank and four distinct torches, this lighter will become your go to for getting toasted and burning in a hurry. While some brands charge you an arm and a leg for a quality lighter, Rockwell keeps it real.

Price: $24.99

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The Champ Quad Flame Lighter: Vertigo

Vertigo Champ has a stand-alone design that works great for multi-purpose use. It can double as a table top and its size makes it a convenient carry along. Four wind resistant flames enable an easy light on the windiest of days and its large fuel tank ensures extended periods between refills. 

Price: $19.99

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The Churchill Quad Flame Lighter: Moretti

The Moretti Churchill Lighter features a scorching hot quad-flame that will light hordes of cigars without blinking an eye. An oversized tank holds a massive amount of fuel, which can be seen through the large viewing windows. This thing is nearly impossible to drop with the rubberized coating, and if you forget your cutter, it has a flip out punch to get the job done.

Price: $24.50

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What’s your favorite butane torch lighter? Let us know in the comments!

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