Many popular cigar brands have rich histories dating back to the 19th century. Indeed, a cigar brand’s legacy is often a big part of its identity, which means newer cigar brands might have trouble breaking into an industry based on tradition and heritage. On that note, today, we’re going to highlight a few new and emerging cigar brands that are worth your time in 2024. 

Ferio Tego

Ferio Tego has made waves in the cigar community for a few reasons. First, the quality of their core line of cigars, and second, their reintroduction of the Timeless line under their banner. If you were a fan of Timeless Cigars back in the day — or you want to try a new quality cigar — Ferio Tego is a fantastic place to start. 


Freud Cigar Co. 

Just about every famous cigar smoker in history has some line connected with them (think Davidoff’s Winston Churchill series or Mark Twain Cigars), so it was perhaps only a matter of time before Sigmund Freud adorned a cigar. Thankfully, the new Freud Cigar Co.’s products  — spearheaded by father and son William and Wilber Ventura (formerly of Davidoff) — will satisfy all parts of your psyche: Id, Ego, and Superego. 


Los Statos Deluxe 

Los Statos Deluxe isn’t a “new” brand per se, but it is a brand with a new identity that’s turning heads in the cigar industry. Thanks to the combined creative powers of Justin Andrews (Diesel) and Matt Booth (Room101 Cigars), Los Statos Deluxe has undergone an “extreme makeover” with new branding and a new blend featuring an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Try these cigars now — you’ll thank us later. 


Drunk Chicken Cigars 

Drunk Chicken Cigars was founded by Desiree Sylver, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of cigar-smoking experience. Their “chicks” vary from mild to full-bodied using grade "A" long-leaf tobacco leaves. You can now find their full lineup on Cigar World here


Honorable Mentions

Other cigar companies worthy of consideration that have formed in the past 10-15 years include:

  • Dapper Cigar Co.
  • Oscar Vallladers Tobacco & Co.
  • Warfighter Tobacco
  • Black Label Trading Co.

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