Great cigars can enhance any occasion. Cigars spark lively conversation, pair beautifully with a wide array of drinks, and make a wonderful after-dinner treat. If you love delicious food and cigars (who doesn’t?), and you’re thinking about spending time in Miami, then you’ve got to check out this smoker-friendly guide to Miami cuisine. 


Española Cigars

It’s no wonder that a premium cigar pairs so well with a premium dinner. Thankfully, Española Cigars is an ideal spot for both! With dining options ranging from flatbreads to truffled lobster mac to a sublime 35 oz. Tomahawk steak, Española is a fantastic dinner option for cigar lovers visiting Miami and a great place to begin any Miami vacation. 


Cigar City Lounge

Cigar City Lounge offers cigar lovers a range of tasty tapas and delightful apps to pair with their selection of smokes. Perfect for lunch, a quick bite, or a pre-dinner snack, Cigar City’s menu may not be extensive, but it does include classic Spanish tapas like Table de Carne y Queso and Pincho de Tortilla. 

Dirty French Steakhouse

Dirty French Steakhouse may not sell cigars, but it is located mere moments away from one of the top cigar lounges in the area — Empire Social Lounge in South Miami. 

Featuring a stunning menu of sophisticated dishes like Duck a L’Orange, Cajun Snapper, and a 40z. Porterhouse Steak for Two, this fabulous steakhouse is a stellar dining choice for celebrating any special occasion. 


BC Tacos Food Truck & Sanguich de Miami

We’ve covered several exceptional high-end restaurants on this list, and now it’s time for something more accessible. Should you want to enjoy a cigar with a meal on the go, then we recommend checking out BC Tacos Food Truck. Nothing beats enjoying a yummy taco and then taking a walk with your cigar to the beach or one of Miami’s many picturesque areas. 


And while we love tacos, if you’re in Miami, you must visit the Little Havana staple, Sanguich de Miami. The home of a seriously beloved Cuban sandwich and located on Calle Ocho (a legendary street in the cigar industry), Sanguich is a must-visit eatery on any trip to Miami. 

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Whether you’re traveling through Miami on vacation, for work, or if you’re a MIA local that’s looking to kick back with a cigar, a drink, and maybe some eats, we’ve put together the best places to light up a stogie and enjoy the finer things in life.

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