If you’ve ever been to Miami and if you’re into cigars, you’d understand that trying to decide on the top 3 cgiar bars in Magic City is about as difficult as trying to pick your favorite child. Well, luckily I don’t have any kids, so let's do this.

Whether you’re traveling through Miami on vacation, for work, or if you’re a MIA local that’s looking to kick back with a cigar, a drink, and maybe some eats, we’ve put together the best places to light up a stogie and enjoy the finer things in life.

#3 Cigar Bar Miami: Espanola Cigar Bar

Looking for a cigar bar with a boutique sensibility? Then definitely don’t sleep on Espanola. This simple cigar shop was transformed into an absolute world-class craft bar and cigar lounge, and it’s without a doubt a staple to the Espanola Way scene. The second you step inside, you’ll be met with the relaxed atmosphere and immediate sense of belonging. It’s truly a gem.

Cigars: Now, we’d like to preface, seeing as Espanola is fairly boutique, you won’t find the largest selection of premium cigars, but they by no means are limited. They chose the quality over quantity route. You can indulge in cigars from top brands like Camacho, Cohiba, Drew Estate, and more.

Drinks: Have you ever had a cocktail put in front of you that looks almost too good to actually drink? Yep, that’s the kind of mixology that’s going on at Espanola. From domestic and imported beers to some of the finest handcrafted beverages in Miami, Espanola certainly doesn’t skimp on the drink selection.

Eats: Probably one of the most surprising aspects of Espanola is the food selection, and not only the selection, but how absolutely delicious everything is. From flatbreads to desserts to seafood, no matter what you’re hungry for, Espanola will deliver.

Interested in learning a bit more about Espanola Cigar Bar? Click here.

#2 Cigar Bar Miami: Galiano Cigar Room

Now, if you’re headed to or live around the Coral Gables area, you must stop by Galiano Cigar Room. They’re the only spot in the area that’s dedicated to fine whiskey and premium hand rolled cigars, ensuring that both encounters deliver a world-class experience.

Cigars: From the minute you step into the awestriking climate controlled walk-in humidor, you’ll be met with some of the world’s premier cigars. Enjoy a selection of stogies from top brands like Arturo Fuente, Olivia, Montecristo, and many many more.

Drinks: To call this bar full-service wouldn’t fully do it justice, especially if you’re hankering for a whiskey drink. Not only are their mixologists loaded with helpful information around all spirits, they’ll happily suggest the perfect beverage to pair with your cigar selection.

#1 Cigar Bar Miami: Empire Social Lounge - Brickell

If you prefer “upscale” in your Miami cigar lounge experience, then Empire Social Lounge in Brickell is your ticket to success. From the custom leather furniture to the cozy lighting to the unique wall and backlit bar design, each meticulous element of Empire exudes a regal atmosphere that’s sure to please even the most pretentious cigar aficionados.

Cigars: Empire’s walk-in humidor provides a second to none selection of the world’s finest brands and blends. However, the real game changer here, the “vintage collector’s room,” which houses their very own Brickell Series Casa de Montecristo Cigar, as well as other vintage sticks.

Drinks: In the same way Empire prides themselves on the quality of their cigars, they equally pride themselves on the quality of their cocktails and spirits. Whether you prefer wine, a fine port, a single malt scotch, whiskey, tequila, vodka or rum their knowledgeable mixologists will educate and guide you towards unforgettable pairings.

If you’re looking to learn more about Empire Social Lounge, click here.

Enjoy The Best Cigar Bars In Miami!

From all of us at Cigar World, we hope you found this article helpful in your search for finding the perfect cigar bar in Miami. So, next time you get a bit of “me time,” get out there and enjoy a night out on the town with your favorite people and your favorite cigars.

If there are any of your favorites that we left off the list, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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