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Dry climate Humidor ideas

Good morning everyone. I need some recommendations. I live in Colorado, so it's very dry. I currently have a typical desktop humidor, that despite my best efforts, I cannot get above 60%. I recently seasoned it (every 6 mo or so) and currently have two humicare gel bead jars. I added a bluetooth hygrometer to check if the built-in hygrometer was just reading low. And they both read around 57. So, if you live in a dry climate and what kind of humidor do you use? Thanks everyone.

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    (14 months ago)

    I have had a hard time with that but found a fix. Have a couple of air tight La Palina glass jar humidors and a 40 count travel case that with Boveda 69% keep them perfectly. Boveda has 1 year bags that I'm trying out now that are working well. I double up on the packets 2-3 60 gram in each humidor/bag for 30-50 cigars

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    (15 months ago)

    Have you tried boveda packs I live in south Eastern wyoming and they do awesome so far but I do have an acrylic humidor as well

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    (16 months ago)

    Or you could use vaseline around the edges. Not a lot but enough for a good seal on it.

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    (18 months ago)

    I have the same issue, I live in Canada and running into same problem, I just took mine out of humidor put them into a good quality Rubbermaid container and put my humidity device into it with my hygrometer while I re season my humidor.