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If you're looking for a great cigar community, filled with people that respect each other, listen to each other, actually care about each other, without hassles, Ward B might just be for you, too.

Started at top of Ward B.

Clicked orange banner New Post.

Unselected Now Smoking.

Left both drop down options blank.

When I did these same steps 2 weeks ago, my long post on CW...
2nd attempt.

Posting test. Selected to post to The Lounge, but also selected to Remove Now Smoking Information.

Prior 2 attempts never made it to website.

So this time I’m going to LEAVE...
I have been fighting this site for MONTHS. Finally got some help from our Deputy Mayor. Now, maybe I can resume being the pest that I was best noted for!!!!
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I m back.

I have been away for awhile. Having difficulty here on this new site. And all the crap going on and my family putting me on house arrest here on the...
Just received word from @Mad Dan that he got hit twice this week, as well by his Secret Bunny!

That means all Bunny Baskets have been successfully delivered. Another fine end...
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Bunny Bomb 2

And not only did the Easter Bunny come, but Harvey Pookah came as well. I GOT SCOTCH AND CHOCOLATE!! Rascally Rabbit!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Pretty sneaky, but very welcomed. I need...
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Bunny Bomb 1

My Easter Bunny (China Dan) sent me this outstanding selection of goodies for Quaranteaster. The Liquid Death water arrived a few weeks ago, but I waited for the rest to...
My Bunny radar lit up yesterday, indicating several more Easter baskets launched! Since I was only expecting 2, I flipped on the detailed network dishes, and sure enough... 4 inbound!!

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Easter Bunny Bomb

My Bunny Buddy unleashed a bunker buster on my residence. Actually drilled down to the basement(where I was) to release it's fury. What remained is captured in the photo, plus...
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Happy Easter Bunny

My package arrived yesterday - thanks Easter Bunny - and Happy Easter to everyone.
Homemade face masks are now a thing, but some styles may be more regionally acceptable than others...
Apparently the “wings” are the critical element needed...
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Easter Bunny

The site isn’t allowing me to add my picture so: Thanks Jeff for the great package! Several nice cigars, chocolate cigars, assorted candy, a book, Crown Royal. And homemade masks!...
Received a mysterious ticking basket left by a seasonal hare a few days ago. After the EOD cleared the package, I finally got to opening it. Oh what a joyous...
CW Ward B member, @CigarCraig & his wife are having an auction / contest to raise funds for hospital workers. His wife is sewing face masks for them.

She sewed a...
Just sayin’
Anyone else getting like ridiculously awesome gas mileage past 2-3 weeks, too?!! 😉
This is me right now!
My wife can’t stop laughing at this one.
While we’re all hunkered down, worried that this isn’t the apocalypse we imagined (World War Z!), there are some pretty funny memes out there.

So thought we could start sharing them...
Guess I'm the first to get hit this year - "The Easter Bunny" launched a successful sneak attack from PA today hitting me with a great selection of fine cigars,...
They’ve just released a free digital copy of their coffee table book celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Available for only a couple weeks, to help us all thru our COVID quarantines.


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