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Quad State Herf 15 & Cigar B Que - August 1, 2020

Before I could post this Quad State Herf here on Cigar Pass, the event SOLD OUT ALREADY! Well, that didn't take long, the event "Sold Out" in less that 2 hours. Stand-by List started already. The regulars that have attended every year are on the list (see below). Please verify that you are good as we have guests already wanting to attend and are on the Stand By.

It's finally that time of the year again and we are announcing this year's Quad State Herf - Cigar B Que. The date will be Saturday, August 1st, from 1000 (10am) until dusk (roughly 1800 / 6pm) and the location again is West Point's Recreational Area - Lake Frederick. As always, it will be a day of relaxation, enjoying great BBQ (prepared by Sean Keever and his crew - Big Guns BBQ) and a number of outdoor events, i.e., volleyball, horse shoes, swimming, kayaking and much more.

The cost to attend this year's event is $100.00 per person (first time in a number of years the cost went up as a result of rising costs). The benefit of the event this year will be "Play For Your Freedom", as well as the "Hudson Valley Honor Flight", Both organizations are local and near and dear to our hearts.

As always, the first 250 prepaid guest will receive a very nice "goodie bag" and there will be plenty of stuff being raffled off at the event.

Below is the address for Lake Frederick as well as their website:

1849 Lake Frederick Rd, Woodbury, NY 10930,-74.0964782,917m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!1m2!2m1!1s1...2*213m1*211s0x89c2d1151c933f6b:0x9af7d67aff9bc902!3m4!1s0x89c2d1151191327d:0xc630a4b05b95c491!8m2!3d41.3399557!4d-74.098601

GUEST & SPONSOR Lists as of March 3, 2020

Alan Glickman +3

Anthony Moye - tone-ny

Bernard Schwimmer - Schwimsky Love

Billy Fair +1

Bob Ferris +13

Brian Foley +1

Bruce Tuchman +11

Bryan Phillips

Carlos Tricoche +1

Cheryl Wilson & Irma Osborne

Chris Tognetti - Dlesel Grinch +3

Danny - Captain Kayak

Dave Olsen +2

David Chen - thechenman +3

DJ Laznovsky

Don Perretti - The Don

Earl Walcott - Big Earl +1

Francisco A DioDonet - Dee +9

Frank - streetrod +12

Gary Phillips +5

Gary Roberti - ironpeddler +5

George Anderson

George Quintano - Cuban George

Ian & Ronnie Cowen - thefatguy +3 (4 bags, 2 non-smokers)

Ismael Diaz +2 and 1 non-smoker

Jay Sosnick (Jay's Cousin) +1

Jay Jaffee +21 (+2 Non-smokers)

Jeremy Baranyai +1 (wife - Christen)

Joe Colombo +13

Joe Sorbello (Joemisery) +1 (Adam Paddock)

Joe Swartz - Lil' Joe

John Lassiter +9

Kevin, Tim (2 Bald Guys) & Mike Mitten

Kristopher Romero - Light this! +5

Larry Hanke - nayslayer +1

Marc Miller +6

Mark Cummuta - TriMark +3 (ChinaDan, Gladiator6 and Ranger)

Mark Schindel

Mark Steinberg - mrtapes

Matt Cassidy - Jarhead +27

Michael Dale

Michael Guerrier +3

Mike Decker - GARGUNZ +5 (4 smokers, 2 non-smokers)

Mike Juppé +6 (2 smokers & 5 non-smokers)

Mike Lopez +1

Mike Pavone +2

Nat Buzzone +3

Nelson Rodriguez - Playa +1

Paul Harrison - Tall Paul +3

Pito Vallejo - Bxcigrfan +3 (Uncle Jorge, & Jesus Rivera - MOBIG and one other)

Ralph Croteau - ilcchef2 +2

Ralph Facciano - Foch +3

Rich Zanetich - NJ Pastries

Rick Rahmel - Part Time

Rob Weiss

Robert Miller +7 (Set-in-stone, Bayamos, & Cuz Tom)

Sean Keever - Big Guns BBQ & Crew


Steve Haas

Steve Johnson

Thomas Hinde - thinde +1

Tim Castine +1

Tony Jannotti Jr (Watch Guy)


David Verna

Tom King

Andre Torres


Big Guns BBQ - Fishkill, NY

Newburgh Brewing Co - Newburgh, NY

Nat Buzzone - Washingtonville, NY

Tony Jannotti - Newburgh, NY

On The Level Plumbing - Poughkeepsie, NY

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust / Steve Saka - Hooksett, NH

Sindicato Cigar Group, LLC - Boca Raton, FL

Hiram & Solomon Cigars - Toms Rivers, NJ

The Ugly Mug - Poughkeepsie, NY

Dave Olsen - Cornwall, NY

Southern Draw Cigars - Austin, TX

Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. - Houston, TX

Uptown Cigar Club - Kingston, NY

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    (2 years ago)

    Good morning everyone, with the current situation of COVID-19 and the uncertainty when New York will go to Phase 3, I have to inform you all that we have to cancel this year's event. Even if the Governor states that we can have large events in August (not sure if that is 100 or 200 guests), logistically it would be nearly impossible to it pull off. A lot of the sponsors / supports still have their factories and shops closed down and are now just getting back on their feet. It would be unfair to all of them for us to ask for support / donation in this short of time. At this point, I'm not even sure if Lake Frederick is fully up and running to include the use of cabins / kitchen area and bathrooms. Again, sorry we have to cancel this great annual event, hopefully things get back to normal in the near future.

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    (3 years ago)

    Hello everyone. Due to the uncertainty being caused by the COVID-19 virus we ask everyone to not send in any monies at this time. With the fluidity of the current situation, we ask that everyone be patient and check back in a few days before sending payments. Most of all stay safe so hopefully we can all celebrate on August 1st....... 💜

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    (3 years ago)

    These are always an event I look forward to each year!’

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    (3 years ago)

    Thanks Charlie! Looking forward to seeing you, Beth, Jeremy, and herfing with ILCchef, NaySlayer, ChinaDan, Ranger, Gladiator6 & a couple hundred military-supporting cigar enthusiasts.

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      (3 years ago)

      Can't wait to catch up with all of you! Happy to see Ranger is attending this year again, I will bring more Vodka and Pickled Ramps for a nice chilled cocktail!