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CAO Session

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day and the CAO Session hit the spot . Be safe eve
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New project

Got my new project rolled into the garage today. A 1997 Chevrolet Camero Z28 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. Body and engine wise she's pretty good. Have an injector bad and...
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CAO Concert

This one had been in the humidor since 2012. A very nice cigar, too bad they are retired. I only have a handful left.
During this quarantine period I have gone through my humidor and found those cigars that were thrown in as a freebie that I never tried or cigars that got pushed...

Make sure to join the CAO group for your chance to win a CAO Lotus Lighter
Well that was wicked quick! Ordered these Chop Suey on Monday morning and they blew up the mailbox today. Two day turn around and shipping, that's mighty fast Corona Cigar!...
Thursday Night 7 EST. Right here on Cigar World.
Joined the La Gloria Cubana Society and received this, member 0685. Maybe Ms V had a hand in it also.
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Boveda Butler

Anyone use one of these Boveda Butlers? Its supposed to monitor my humidor and connect to an app on my phone. Calibrating it now and plan to use it later...
Keep finding stuff, some I do not remember how I got them. However here the Camouflaged cutter, and Victor Sinclair lighter was gifted by BrownDog (Jordy) who bombed a bunch...
An entombed A that has been sleeping for over 15 years. One of these days.😁
PSA: If anyone is looking to pick up a box of the new Punch Chop Suey, Corona Cigar Co. has them for only $114.95 - this is the cheapest I...
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Don't forget...

To review a Punch Cigar on Cigar World by 3.31 (provide a rating and review) and you could win Mr. Punch Swag.
Hope everyone is safe . Hope you all have plenty of cigars . Also check out for all the latest deals . Stay safe everyone
This two cigar holder plus mini-flask must have come with a box purchase, as I have no remembrance. The Cutty Sark holder I think came with a bottle of Cutty...
Was spring cleaning the basement and almost threw out this old RyJ Julietas box with other cigar boxes. Love the large warranty seal.
Another week on our new CW site. Here’s some additional thoughts I’ve gathered from other Legacies & my own use:

1) “Ward B” Group is not showing up in Notifications. If...
I know I'm a little bored, but these have to be the nicest hinges I've seen on a cigar box.
The folks over at Cigar Dojo partnered with a bunch of online retailers to provide some discount codes - so if your local B&M is not servicing due to quarentine...
Well, the Governor ended up closing schools for the rest of the year. We were already on a two week shut down, now the kids aren't going back. With no...
Gentlemen, I am excited to be a part of this forum. My apologies if I break any rules, please keep me in check if I do.

I have been smoking for...
A little JC Newman and Nova cigar action .
Now would be a good time to re charge your humidors and take inventory. Stay safe during this Covid 19 issue
Found this at a garage sale for a buck
While you have some down time consider donating to Cigars for Warriors.

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