In the world of premium, hand rolled, flavor infused cigars, there’s no brand more beloved or more dominant than ACID by Drew Estate. Hell, even if flavor infused cigars aren’t your thing, you have to respect that they stand out in a sea of mediocrity, and they’ve garnered one of the most loyal followings of die-hard fanatics across the cigar industry. 

And for that reason (among many others), the Cigar World team wanted to put together an in depth look into ACID cigars. Explore the ACID brand backstory, get the blend details behind each cigar, and learn where you can find them near you.

The ACID Cigars backstory

Two hustling college students at the time, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samuel, were living in New York City when an idea began fermenting. As avid cigar fans and budding connoisseurs themselves, they decided to start their own business. A cigar brand that stood out in the industry. 

There was just one slight problem. They had no idea how to grow tobacco or roll cigars. So, they packed up and headed to Nicaragua, gungho on a journey to learning the art of cigar making.

Throughout that process, they began experimenting with different tobacco curing techniques. The total game changer came about when they utilized aroma rooms called cuarto aromaticos. By lining these special curing rooms with over 150 different essential herbs, oils and botanicals, their tobacco became infused with these incredibly unique and incredibly delicious flavors.

Now that they had a product, they needed branding as bold as the cigars. And after a chance encounter with the notorious graffiti and street artist, ACID, aka Scott Chester, they finally had an edgy name for their new cigar brand. 

What are ACID Cigars? 

Acid Cigars are premium cigars, but they’re infused with essential oils and herbs throughout the curing process. This brought an entirely new flavor to the cigar scene. Their branding was hip, it was fun, and ultimately attracted a much more diverse crowd when compared to conventional cigar brands.

Where are ACID Cigars made?

ACID cigars are handmade in Nicaragua at the Drew Estate factory. 

Are all ACID Cigars sweet?

Yes, all ACID cigars are all sweet, but each cigar size differs in body, tasting notes and overall sweetness. 

Explore the ACID Cigars lineup


Features a creamy Connecticut Shade wrapper filled with Nicaraguan tobaccos with strong aromatic qualities.

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It’s medium bodied, rich, and comes draped in a Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

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Lush Nicaraguan filler tobaccos enveloped in a pigtailed, creamy, Connecticut Shade wrapper

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Blondie Maduro

Earthier than Blondie, Blondie Maduro comes wrapped in a Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper.

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Cold Infusion

Cold Infusion is a tea infused cigar that features refreshing notes of black tea and fresh pine.

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Deep Dish

Deep Dish comes wrapped in a peppery Sumatran wrapper for a cigar that’s sweet, toasty, and rich.

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Full bodied and filled with a satisfying, yet earthy blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in a flawless Sumatra wrapper.

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Extra Ordinary Larry

Extra Ordinary Larry is sweet, it’s spicy, and comes draped in a lushious Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper.

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Kuba Kuba

Kuba Kuba is a medium bodied cigar filled with peppery Nicaraguan tobaccos that are covered in a subtly spicy, Sumatra wrapper. 

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Kuba Kuba Maduro

A rich twist on the Kuba Kuba, Maduro comes draped in a luscious Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

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Liquid thoughtfully combines hearty Nicaraguan tobaccos with a smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper and an unsweetened cap for an earthy, spicy, woody smoke. 

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Nasty is a pyramid shaped cigar that features Nicaraguan tobaccos inside a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that’s finished with a pigtail cap.

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One is a non-aromatic cigar that boasts wine-cured, Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped inside an African Cameroon wrapper to create a unique and enticing smoking experience.

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Toast features a diverse blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped up in a lush Cameroon wrapper for a spicy, fruity, and enticingly strong smoking experience.

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Wafe is a box-pressed, vitola-shaped cigar that features spicy Nicaraguan tobaccos bundled up in a pleasant, Sumatra wrapper. 

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    (5 months ago)

    It seems you’ve omitted all of the ACID Green (candela) offerings, and only chosen one or two choices from each of the other color band options. One of the least understood points about DE ACID is that they make a HUGE selection of sticks (at least double the count mentioned in this article) and, just because someone tried a KubaKuba Blue at their local gas station, does not mean their informed or “have tried ACID cigars.”