Cigar World’s best cigar shops across the U.S. for 2021

Last week, we started laying out Cigar World’s “best of” cigar shop list around the U.S. We covered five of the best places (according to Google, Yelp & cigar fans) to buy cigars from California to Nevada and from Washington all the way down to Arizona. If you haven't read it yet, you can here.

This week, we’re excited to bring you the next part of our favorite cigar shops across the U.S. So, without further adieu, get our favorite places to buy cigars in the northern states...

Best cigar shops in the north

While I understand this notion is totally subjective, when I think of the ideal weather to enjoy a cigar in, it’s cooler temps. There’s just something about not having to sweat bullets while smoking a cigar that intrigues me. And those great northern states sure have that in spades. Whether you’re from the north or if you’re visiting and you need a cigar for those cold, snowy winters or pleasantly mild summers, don’t miss out on these outstanding cigar shops from Deadwood to Minneapolis.

Best northern cigar shop for the atmosphere:

La Casa Cigars, Detroit. I’m going to say it, Detroit is just flat out underrated, and La Casa cigar shop is one of the concrete pieces of evidence to support that theory. If you didn’t know this about Detroit, it used to be among the top 10 places in the U.S. for cigar manufacturing. La Casa is dedicated to keeping that aspect alive and well in the city. It’s not just a cigar shop. It’s a place that attracts people who are passionate about the craft and the lifestyle, and every square inch of La Casa Detroit oozes with that. The lounge is brilliantly designed, providing a relaxing environment to enjoy a cigar while listening to one of the host bands or chatting with other cigar enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a more exclusive cigar shop experience, they have a members-only area where true cigar aficionados taste the latest cigar arrivals, mingle, and enjoy luxuries like private lockers-humidors, special offers and cigar dinners.

Best northern cigar shop for the deals:

Anthony’s Pipe & Cigar Lounge, Minneapolis. Just like every other aspect of Minneapolis, Anthony’s is flat out unpretentious. Now, don’t mistake a lack of ego for a lack of quality. Anthony’s is a well laid out cigar shop that boasts a pretty incredible selection of big brand and boutique cigars that are fairly difficult to find in your average brick and mortar place to buy cigars. To call the staff well seasoned would be a disgrace, they know their blends backwards and forwards, and they’ll take the time to get you situated with the perfect cigars for your taste preferences. On top of all that, it’s their prices that really separated them from the rest of the pack of cigars shops in the northern states. When you take this level of customer service, combine it with the experience, and then add in their prices, it made Anthony’s a must for my best of cgiar shops list.

Best northern cigar shop for the drinks:

Deadwood Tobacco Co. & Cigar Bar, Deadwood SD. If you ever find yourself traveling through South Dakota, or if you’re from there, and you’re looking for a new cigar shop, please please please don’t pass up Deadwood Tobacco Co. Tucked away amongst the cobblestone streets, past the original jail lies this smoky cigar shop boasting an incredible atmosphere with the finest cigars and pipe tobacco available in SD. Here, you can enjoy a cigar in-house, but what really sets this place apart is their drink selection. Now, these aren't your fancy cocktails like you’d see in Las Vegas, Miami or New York. No, these are drinks done Deadwood style. Choose between an assortment of over 70 beers. My personal favorite was their Deadwood Tobacco Company porter. That, matched with a full bodied cigar is sure to make the Deadwood experience stick around in your memory bank.

Best northern cigar shop for the selection:

Uhle Tobacco Company, Milwaukee. As Milwaukee's oldest cigar shop, Uhle Tobacco Co. certainly understands the importance of cigar selection. Not only does this quaint little shop provide an incredibly relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a premium cigar, they carry well over 50 brands of premium big brand or boutique cigars. If that wasn’t enough, their selection of cigar accessories is top notch as well. So, whether you're new to the cigar scene or a seasoned cigar aficionado, Uhle’s knowledgeable staff will get you sorted. If you're looking for that classic cigar shop feel, or simply a comfortable lounge to sit and enjoy a smoke, you gotta check out Milwaukee's oldest cigar shop and light one up.

Stay tuned next week for the best cigar shops or places to buy cigars on the east coast!

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    (11 months ago)

    It’s nice to see you give some love to Deadwood Tobacco! It really is a gem and only 30 minutes from my house.

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    (11 months ago)

    Sweet fellas!! Thank you for the update post and the information on the shops. It’s good to know when one is on the road or traveling 🧳 even visiting!!! Thanks 🙏