Cigar World’s best cigar shops across the U.S. for 2021

At Cigar World, we’re not only obsessed with the latest and greatest cigars, we’re obsessed with every aspect of the cigar lifestyle. And that means scouring this damn fine country, looking up cigar shop after cigar shop (after cigar shop) to find the best places to buy cigars near you.

We’ve researched on Google, researched on Yelp, done our due diligence, and researched some more. Traveled the west coast, the east coast, the north, south, and the midwest. We’ve taken into account the selection, the atmosphere, the deals, and the extracurriculars (like drinks) to bring you five from each region.

So, no matter if you’re a seasoned cigar vet looking to see how many “hot spots” you’ve crossed off your list or a cigar newcomer trying to find a cigar shop where you can get more ingrained into your local scene, this blog series is sure to have some of the best cigar shops where you can buy cigars (or enjoy one) near you.

Up first, our favorite west coast cigar shops...

Best cigar shops on the west coast

When you think of a west coast cigar shop, your mind may gravitate straight towards Las Vegas. Mine did. And rightfully so. But, the truth is, the west has a lot going on in the cigar shop scene all the way from Washington to Arizona.

Best west coast cigar shop for the selection:

Las Vegas Cigar Outlet Superstore, Las Vegas. I mean, the name says it all. Crazy. Big. Cigar. Selection. If you can’t find the right cigar at this cigar shop well I’m not sure what to tell you. Maybe start rolling your own? The 1,600 square foot behemoth of a humidor hosts major brands, boutique brands, and house rolled cigars. If an Ikea and a cigar shop had a baby, this would be it. Consider yourself a winner in Las Vegas just for stepping foot into this absolute gem of a cigar shop.

Best west coast cigar shop for the atmosphere:

V Cut Cigar Lounge, LA. This may seem a bit surprising. Los Angeles for its cigar atmosphere? I agree, after living in LA for the better part of a decade you really don’t hear a ton about cigars. Marijuana, absolutely. But, cigars, not so much. However, this chill little cigar shop tucked away on Melrose Ave hosts a delightful selection of premium cigars. If you’re looking for a cigar shop with comfy outdoor seating to enjoy some LA sun or possibly spotting some Hollywood elite, V Cut is just for you.

Best west coast cigar shop for the deals:

Union Cigar Society, Seattle. I don’t go to Seattle a ton, but when I do–and have to stop at a cigar shop, it’s Union Cigar Society. Their selection is great, with cigars from Padron, Ashton, Fuente and more. But, it isn’t their assortment that’s always stuck with me. It’s their prices. Low, low, low. So, whether you’re looking to buy boutique cigars, big brand cigars, a humidor or even any cigar accessories, Union Cigar Society had the deals that kept me coming back time and time again. Hope they do the same for you.

Best west coast cigar shop for the drinks:

Davidoff of Geneva, Las Vegas. If enjoying a Davidoff cigar on the Vegas strip with a premium cocktail sounds like a good time to you, well, Davidoff of Geneva should be a cigar shop that’s high on your list. And, truthfully, I kind of feel bad calling it a cigar shop. Nothing against the phrase cigar shop, but this place is nothing short of a cigar and beverage paradise smack dab in the middle of Sin City. Their bartenders and cigar specialists are top notch. Period. And, for the record, I’m not a bloody mary person, but theirs forever changed my outlook on the beverage. Hence why I’m giving them the nod for best cigar shop for the drinks.

Honorable mention west coast cigar shop:

Don’s Cigars, Phoenix. Sometimes, when there’s a cigar shop that sticks with you long enough, you have to do an honorable mention. And that’s what we’re doing here. Seeing as Phoenix is one of the biggest golf meccas in the U.S., we had to sneak in a suggestion for a favorite cigar shop in the area. Don’s was, and still is one of the friendliest and well-stocked cigar shops on the west coast. So, if you’re ever traveling on a golf trip through Phoenix/Scottsdale and need some cigars or if you’re a local looking for a good stick to add to your humidor, do not miss out on Don’s Cigars.

Comment with your favorite west coast cigar shop!

We hope you enjoyed the list of our best cigar shops and the best places to buy cigars on the west coast. There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of great cigar shops that we had to leave off the list (for now). So, if you’ve got a west coast cigar shop that you love, let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned next week for the best cigar shops or places to buy cigars in the northern states!

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    (12 months ago)

    Thanks for the honorable mention for Don's Cigars ! They have their customer appreciation day each year in December and they always do their very best. Not just that one day, but every day. Great cigar shop!😁👍