What Is A Boveda Pack?

As you get more and more into the world of cigars, there’s one company whose name will eventually come up in conversation with fellow stogie-lovers: Boveda.

Pronounced Bo-veh-dah, these guys are leaders both in and outside of the cigar community for creating unique two-way humidity products. Why would you need two-way humidity products? Let’s get into this and also help you find the best Boveda pack for you.

How does a Boveda pack work?

We’re no scientists, but the simple answer is that Boveda Packs utilize two-way humidity to keep your cigars at an optimal and steady humidity for the life of the pack. So if you put them in a humidor with too much humidity, they will suck up the excess, and if they are placed in an environment less humid than they are built for, they will release humidity to bring the RH level back where it needs to be.

How do you use a Boveda pack?

As far as your cigars are concerned, the number one reason to use a Boveda pack is to keep your stogies in the optimal humidity range. Boveda has several packs for different RH (humidity) levels which we will go over shortly. Still, the most essential fact about Bovedas to keep in mind are that using these cheap and effective packs is a great way to “set it and forget it” to keep your cigars looking and smoking perfectly without having to constantly mess with electronic humidifiers or other messy humidification solutions.

To use a Boveda pack, all you have to do is open your humidor, place your pack – or packs – inside and close it up without having to worry!

How long do Boveda packs last?

These little miracle packs are so convenient that many people ask: “Do Boveda packs really work?” It’s a valid question because they cheaply and efficiently replace a complicated and expensive humidification process. However, from extensive experience over our decades of cigar experience, we can tell you that Bovedas are a fantastic solution you should definitely try out.

While the lifecycle of each Boveda pack is going to vary significantly by the efficiency of your humidor, the current humidity level of your cigars and also how big of a space you have, a good general rule of thumb is to count on your Boveda packs lasting you 2-3 months.

Which Boveda pack should I get?

Boveda has several products with many different use-cases, but these are our favorites that should help you keep your cigars in great shape no matter the size of your collection.

  • Boveda Size 60: The classic Boveda Pack. This size is great for any home collection short of a wineador or tupperdore. With various humidity-preference options (we suggest going with either 69% or 72% if you don’t already have a preference), you can be sure to get a Boveda that fits your humidor size and preferred RH levels. If you don’t know which Boveda to get, the Boveda Size 60 is for you.

  • Boveda Size 8: Just like the Boveda Size 60, only smaller. The Size 8 is excellent for travel humidors, tiny collections or really any situation in which you need to keep 5 or fewer cigars at the proper humidity.

  • Boveda For Seasoning: One of Bovedas most exciting products, the Seasoning pack is set at a higher humidity (84%) to be used before putting cigars into your humidor. Using the seasoning pack with help get any humidor to the optimal level for a smoother experience for your cigars down the line. If you have a new humidor, the Boveda Seasoning pack is a must-grab.

  • Boveda For Wineadors: This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have a wineador holding a lot of cigars, this is the humidity pack for you. Often these devices have some built-in humidity functions, but with the Wineador pack, you have the comfort of Boveda’s expertise as a backup.

  • Boveda Size 320: For giant humidors or tupperdores, the Boveda 320 is the pack you want to get. Instead of bogging down your humidor with a bunch of expensive electronic humidification systems, the 320 is designed with your needs in mind so you can store your whole collection in confidence.

Have the Bovedas but need more cigars?

If you’re feeling confident in your cigar-care abilities but need to find some new cigars to enjoy, check out our Find Your Perfect Cigar feature below.

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Do you use Bovedas?

We’ve used many humidification systems over the years, but we never went back once we found Boveda packs. Let us know what you use to keep your cigars humidified in the comments below.

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  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I like using the 69% packs. I can put three or four in my 50 count humidor and it stays right between 67% and 70% which keeps my smokes in perfect smoking condition. Much, much easier than my old method. I highly recommend Boveda if you are unsure of your RH level.

    Phil Lee

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I use to use water but now, ALL BÓVEDA nothing else to season to store and to perfect and to store until I smoke 💨 💨 💨 my Cigars and they taste smell and are much better. Must do try and stay with Bóvedas!!!!

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I use them too they are fantastic

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I use the Boveda 72% sometimes in multiples. I have a 50 cigar humidor that usually has around 20 or so cigars in it...I've had it for YEARS--and the humidity used to bounce all over the place...throw a couple Boveda packs in there and it almost locks in--

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I use the Boveda 72 %