What cigar accessories do you need when traveling?

Let’s cover the basics, anytime you’re traveling with cigars, you’ll need to keep them in good condition, at proper humidity, and you need to be able to cut and light them. 

We’ve already covered our 10-Best Cigar Cutters and the 15 Best Cigar Lighters & Torches in other articles. Check those out for our top recommendations on the best equipment for cutting and lighting your cigars. 

For shorter trips (1-3 days): 

  • If you’re just looking to keep your cigars fresh, any airtight plastic bag should suffice.
  • To keep your cigars in top physical condition, we’d suggest a hard-shelled, airtight container. 

For longer trips (3+ days):

  • We’d recommend investing in a small travel humidor, as well as some Boveda packs (or any two-way humidification system) in order to keep your cigars at the ideal humidity and adequately protected. 

If a travel humidor sounds like more your speed, we’ve listed some helpful suggestions below.

How long will cigars last in travel humidors?

If kept at the right humidity, your travel humidor will function just as well as your at-home-humi provided you don’t overstuff it with more cigars than your two-way humidification system can handle. 

If you aren’t using a two-way humidification system, don’t bank on your cigars holding their humidity longer than a few days at best.

What are the best travel humidors?

We cover a few of our favorite travel humidors in our 15 Best Humidors For Home or Travel article. 

These options will work great, and you can come in under $80. Well worth the price of keeping your stogies safe and fresh.

Should you put cigars in your suitcase?

In general, we recommend keeping your cigars in your carry-on bag if-and-when possible. Simply because you never know how the TSA will man-handle your luggage and potentially cause any unnecessary damage.

With that said, if you already have a travel humidor, your cigars should be completely fine in your checked bag, so no need to worry, but keeping them in your possession does mitigate risk. 

  • It is important to note that airline safety regulations are enforced at the discretion of the TSA agent, so while one agent may not be worried about your cutter or (EMPTY) lighter, others may confiscate it. 

We recommend putting your cutter and lighter in your checked bag and always traveling with empty lighters to avoid unnecessary issues.

Watch Macanudo's Laurel Tilley give some pro tips around traveling with cigars

Macanudo Brand Ambassador Laurel Tilley recently gave her expert insights into traveling with cigars. Check out this video to receive some more pro-tips. 

Happy travels!

Nothing tops the feeling of reaching your final destination and unwinding from the stresses of travel with a great cigar. 

We hope these tips give you everything you need to arrive with your cigars in tip-top shape. If you have any advice for traveling with cigars, we want to know, so drop a comment below!

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    (3 years ago)

    I have lost many a good lighter to the TSA. Make sure it goes in your check in bag IN AN APPROVED container. I have a travel humidor that I keep a lighter in that is TSA approved.

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    (3 years ago)

    Basic information, nothing new but something we all forget on occasion.