Nothing –– and we mean nothing: not diamonds, not chocolates, not roses –– says love like a box of fine cigars. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, the question is not whether cigars would make a great gift but which ones are best for the occasion. Because picking out the right stogie can be challenging, we’ve curated a quick list of fantastic cigars (and cigar accessories) that will always make great Valentine’s gifts. 

Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real

It would be difficult to make a Valentine’s cigar list and not include a cigar named after the most famous romantic couple ever. While you definitely don’t want to emulate Romeo and Juliet’s love life, you can’t go wrong with a cigar from this line. For our money, we like the Reserva Real best because of its Connecticut Shade wrapper and its mild, inviting flavor. 

La Gloria Cubana Esteli

Looking to spice things up? Then look no further. La Gloria Cubana Esteli is a bold but balanced smoke that delivers notes of cedar, spice, and pepper in abundance. Lady La Gloria wouldn’t steer you wrong, would she? 

Weller by Cohiba

Valentine’s Day is all about wonderful partnerships. In the cigar community, it doesn’t get much better than the collaboration between Cohiba and Weller. Weller by Cohiba features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper aged in bourbon barrels from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Move fast, though. This limited-edition smoke won’t be around forever. 

Mi Querida Black SakaKhan

You can translate “mi querida” a few different ways back into English. It can mean “my dear,” “my beloved,” or, in some instances, “my mistress.” What isn’t up for interpretation, though, is that Mi Querida Black SakaKhan is a tremendous cigar. This full-bodied stick comes wrapped in a gorgeous Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that offers notes of oak, earth, and cocoa. 


Still unsure what cigar to get (or give) for Valentine’s Day? Don’t sweat it –– you can always opt for some helpful cigar accessories instead. 

First off, a quality cutter is never remiss. A Colibri V-Cutter is a beautiful gadget that’ll ensure a clean cigar cut for years to come. Next, a top-of-the-line lighter is a must-have for cigar lovers. We just published an article outlining some of the best torch lighters on the market, and you can check that out here. Finally, a humidor is a fabulous gift for anyone just getting into the cigar hobby. A desktop humidor like this one is an essential accessory for new cigar lovers. 

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    (18 months ago)

    I love Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Real cigars, they would be fantastic for Valentines or any other holiday of the year, I purchase them on a regular basis just as well as I do with my other favorite cigars that are out there that I enjoy, I have a huge multiple collection that I'm aging for better quality so I can enjoy the great quality that they already have even more, great choice!