For some cigar enthusiasts, the only way to light up a cigar is with a match. And while there’s nothing wrong with using a match to light a cigar, anyone who’s ever tried to strike a match outside on a windy day knows that sometimes it just doesn’t get the job done. Which brings us to our subject of the day –– torch lighters! 

We’ve gone ahead and listed a few of our favorites here. So whether you’re ready to buy your first torch lighter –– or you’re looking for a new one to add to your arsenal –– we’ve got you covered. 

Vertigo Cyclone

You can’t go wrong with a Vertigo Cyclone. Why? Because it retails for around $9. It’s an excellent torch lighter that’s perfect for beginners and wonderful for cigar lovers who travel often but don’t want to carry around boxes of matches or more expensive lighters. No, it’s not the biggest or the fanciest lighter on the market, but you could do much worse for under $10. 

Palio Lazio Single Jet 

What makes the Palio Lazio Single Jet so cool? Well, for one, it has an angled flame that ensures you always get the perfect light on your cigar. Plus, it has a flame adjuster –– so you can customize the torch’s height. Oh, and you can snag one for about $14. 

Rockwell Quad Torch 

The last “budget” lighter on our list, the Rockwell Quad Torch boasts –– as its name would suggest –– four powerful torches. In addition, the Quad Torch comes with a built-in punch cutter. If you love a good punch cut and are in the market for a new lighter, check it out. 

Hades Vertigo Table Lighter

The Hades Vertigo Table Lighter isn’t exactly a budget lighter, but it won’t break the bank either. Retailing for around $35, the Hades lighter from Lotus comes equipped with an extra-large torch flame and single-action ignition. It also looks pretty sweet –– if you care about stuff like that. 

Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch 

Ready to take things up a notch? The Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch offers just about everything you need from a torch lighter. The sleek design, robust, dual-torch flame, and quality performance make this an excellent choice for serious cigar lovers. One of the nicest features of the Bugatti Vulcan is the easy-to-load butane pods for refills. Look for this to retail in the $90 range.

Prometheus Magma T  

Hands down, Prometheus makes some of the best-looking cigar accessories on the market, and the Magma T Torch lighter is no exception. $150 might seem steep for a torch lighter, but this is still an exceptional choice. Sleek, modern, easy-to-use, with a triple torch flame and built-in double punch cutters, the Prometheus Magma T is a statement lighter if we’ve ever seen one. 

S.T. Dupont Casino Pocket Complication 

$50,000 for a lighter. Sure, why the heck not? S.T. Dupont offers many high-end lighters, but its 150th anniversary Casino Pocket Complication might take the cake for luxury. Only 88 of these lighters were made, so while it may not be a true “one-of-a-kind,” it’s pretty darn close. 

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