What cigar accessories do I need?

There are a few cigar accessories that are critical to cigar smoking. You’ll need a cigar cutter, butane lighter or wooden matches, and if you plan on storing more than a few cigars a humidor.

Cigar Accessories Cutter Lighter

Cigar cases

If you’ll be traveling, or taking a cigar or two to the golf course or dinner you’ll likely need a cigar case.

This will protect the integrity of your cigar for a short time. Cigar cases come in a variety of sizes and materials, from leather to stainless steel. Most can hold several cigars.

Cigar cases don’t have to be expensive, here are a few options worth checking out:

This relatively affordable black case will hold two Churchill cigars.

Retailers like Cigars International and Thompson Cigar offer a number of different branded cases. 

This leather Diesel Cigar case can store up to a 56-ring.

If you're looking for something that also serves as a humidor check out the Monsiter Portable Cigar Humidor

Types of cigar cutters

There are four different types of basic cigar cutters. It’s a simple fact if you want to smoke a cigar you’re going to need a cutter. Make sure to read up on how to cut a cigar.

We’ve highlighted the types of cigar cutters and made a few cigar cutter recommendations.

  • Guillotine – Using a guillotine cutter is the most practical method for cutting a cigar. The guillotine cuts straight-across just above the shoulders of a cigar.  This is probably the best cigar cutter for beginners. Colibri,  Xikar and Alaska Bear are just a few of the highest-rated cigar cutters on Amazon. 
  • Punch cut – using a sharpened cylinder a hole is cut out of the head of the cigar.

  • V-cut - There are a few other names for a V-cut Cat’s Eye, Bull’s Eye, or Wedge Cut. Essentially a wedge is sliced out of the head of the cigar. 

  • Pierce or lance –  A cigar piercer is probably the least common method for cutting a cigar, as there is some disagreement about the effectiveness. Several holes are bored into the cigar head. This allows moisture into the cigar leading to a potentially bitter taste. 
    • There are a number of incredibly detailed, antique cigar piercers on Esty. 
    • You can also get a cheap cigar piercer on Amazon.

Cigar lighters

We don’t recommend using a liquid fuel-type lighter. This can give the taste to the flame and potentially impact your cigar’s flavor. Instead, try a clean-burning butane lighter. These are a bit pricier than regular lighters but worth it.

We also don’t recommend cardboard matches, they’re too short to really get the job done and can also affect the flavor of your cigar.

Wooden, long cedar cigar matches are a better bet.

If you're looking for something sleek, but also with a little bit of flair, we recommend the

Vector lighter


Dry cigars are no good, unless you want a cigar that smokes hot and cracks.

Humidors are the best way to keep cigars in-tact. Humidors replicate the humid climates where cigars are made.

We’ve got a lot of great tips for choosing a humidor in our “how to store your cigars” article.

Here are a few humidors we recommend:

This Mantello desktop humidor consistently gets high marks and can hold up to 50 cigars. 

If you're just getting started with cigar smoking and want a quality humidor this Capri desktop humidor is a sound investment. 

Cigar accessory kits

Cigar Accessories Kits are a great way to get started smoking and should have everything you need.

Here are few cigar kits you might want to check out.

This CiTree case has room for two cigars and a cutter. 

Mark and Graham offers a cigar holder and monogrammed cutter. 

You can also make your own cigar accessory kit.  Check out your local tobacconist, for cigar accessories near you. There are also thousands of cigars accessories on amazon.

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