A guide to cigar types: wrapper, origin & shape

Premium cigars come in a variety of types, and when people normally refer to cigar types they’re generally talking about the wrapper color, what region it’s from, and the physical shape. Each and every one of those characteristics tell us a lot about the cigar. That’s why Cigar World put together a helpful guide so you can always be in the know around how a cigar’s wrapper, country of origin, and shape will determine the cigar type. 

The wrapper type

Almost always, a great way to indicate the strength of a cigar is to first look at the color of the cigar’s wrapper. A solid rule of thumb to live by, the darker the wrapper, the longer it has been fermented, and therefore should have a stronger taste. 

Double Claro aka Candela

The light green hue is achieved by a heat-curing process that fixes the chlorophyll content of the wrapper while it’s still in the barn. Double claro’s or candela’s are light cigars that have had limited aging.


Claro’s are light tan, and are also consistent with shade-grown tobacco. They’re smooth, neutral and normally quite mild. Connecticut shade-grown wrappers are some of the most sought after Claros.

Colorado Claro

Colorado Claro’s are darker brown in color. Quite similar to a Cameroon wrapper from West Africa, however, this cigar is slightly stronger than the Claro but still considered mild.


Colorado wrappers are reddish brown wrapper and are most often seen in well aged and mature cigars which provide a medium to strong flavor.


Neutral wrappers normally range from dark tan to brown leaves, and are sometimes sun-grown for a smooth, rich and full flavor.

Colorado Maduro

Colorado Maduro’s are a dark brown wrapper, usually seen on cigars produced in Honduras, Nicaragua and sometimes in Cuba. They’re normally considered medium to strong in flavor.


Maduro wrappers are dark, almost coffee-like colors, and are associated with full flavored and slightly sweet tasting cigars. Maduro wrappers also give off an excellent aroma.


Oscuro wrappers are dark black, normally produced in Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua, and they’re very strong in flavor.

If you’re looking to explore more information around cigar wrapper types, you can learn more in our Types Of Cigar Wrappers blog here.

The country of origin

A cigar’s country of origin refers to not only the country where the cigar is made, but also the country where the tobacco is grown. Sometimes they are the same but not always. Knowing the country of origin can give you a general guide to the particular style of cigar:


Normally very rich, smooth & creamy.

The Dominican Republic

Generally mild to medium-bodied.


Almost always stronger and full-bodied. 


Routinely light-bodied and mild.


Conventionally spicy and full-bodied.

Additionally, there are countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador that also have a long history with growing and producing a myriad of tobacco blends. If you want to explore more about these regions and the types of tobacco they produce, click on the links.

The shape type

When thinking about the shape of a cigar and how that correlates to the cigar’s type, there are two basic categories to look at: Parejos and Figurados.


A straight cylinder with even sides and an open foot. The cigar needs to be cut at the head. Parejos can be round or box-pressed. Box-pressed indicates the length of the cigar has been compressed into a square.


A cigar that’s not a straight cylindrical form; usually the head is tapered and, sometimes, both ends are finished in a sharp point. 

Want to take a deeper dive into cigar sizes and shape types? Read more in our blog here.

What are your favorite cigar types? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Member Avatar
    (28 days ago)

    I like to explore a bit so to me my favorite is the one I’m smoking at that time.

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    The perfecto is really cool... the Undercrown Shade Flying Pig 🐖 is an awesome smoke.

    I also enjoy a Toro or a Churchill.

    In reference to wrapper type... well, that depends upon my mood at the moment I reach out for a cigar.

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    I enjoy a nice Sun grown or maduro cigar in a Robusto size. Perfect for a 45 min - 1 hr smoke.

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    As the saying goes, "My favorite cigar is the one I am smoking." I do lean more towards a Figurado vitola when given the option and I love a sweet and spicy Habano wrapper.

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    I prefer a nicely rolled torpedo puro from Nicaragua wrapped in a dark mouth watering maduro!!

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    Cameroon wrapper with Dominican fillers in a torpedo shape!

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)