Colombia is a northern country nestled next to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Due to its close proximity to the ocean, tobacco has been cultivated in Colombia since the early colonial days.

Where is tobacco grown in Colombia?

Because of Colombia’s rich topsoil and subsoil, and ample amounts of yearly precipitation, many cigar companies source their premium tobacco from one main region of Colombia:

  1. Montes de Maria
About Montes de Maria Tobacco:

With Colombia’s long history in tobacco production, they’ve formulated a distinctive cutting and drying process that has allowed them to produce a blend of tobacco that’s heavily used as a filler tobacco by many major brands across the globe.

It’s their almost primitive and consistent usage of wood boxes, wooden sheds, and natural elements that has allowed Montes de Maria to put their stake in the sand as a go-to destination for equisitie filler tobacco.

Cigar World’s top rated cigars with Colombian tobacco

If you’re looking to experience the wonders of Colombian tobacco, we’ve listed some of the top rated hand rolled cigars that feature this amazing leaf.

Alec Bradley Maxx

MAXX by Alec Bradley is a medium bodied cigar that boasts a wonderful array of flavors and aromas. The complex tobacco cocktail includes leaves from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua for a blend that's smooth as silk and features toasty, earthy flavors and a natural sweetness.
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CAO Colombia

CAO Colombia is an adventure into the unexpected. It's believed to be the first cigar to prominently feature Colombian tobacco and is a mellow-to-medium bodied world blend boasting notes of toasted nuts sprinkled with briny nuances. It burns beautifully and smokes effortlessly.
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Macanudo Inspirado Green

Inspirado Green is a robust, full-flavored blend that delivers the unique flavors of Colombian tobacco to the Inspirado portfolio of cigars. This four-country smoke is loaded with flavors of earthy sweetness and black pepper.
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VegaFina Original

Handcrafted at the renowned Tabacalera de Garcia factory, VegaFina features a luxurious, silky Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper with a blend of Dominican, Colombian and Honduran tobaccos. The result, a distinctly smooth, medium-bodied cigar with a crisp, slightly sweet finish.
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Want to explore more cigars with Colombian tobacco?

The list above only has a few of Cigar World’s most adored cigars with Colombian tobacco. If you’re looking for our full list, explore the link below.

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