In honor of International Women’s Month, we wanted to feature a woman artisan for our Artisan’s Corner series. When we came across CSA Creative, we just had to reach out. CSA Creative has been featured on HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, BuzzFeed, NBC News, Uncommon Goods, and the list goes on and on. This is a one-woman operation. Cristie designs and creates all of her products, and they are unique and beautiful. You can find skeletal spine plant stakes, lunar moon calendars, skull head planters, insect-themed curiosity domes, and more. Each high-quality item is hand-crafted by Cristie from start to finish. In speaking with Cristie, she was inspired by the lack of women-focused cigar accessories, and decided to try making a cigar ashtray specifically for our contest.


Jean: It is great to speak with you today about your business. We are obsessed with your work. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, how your business came to be, and what inspires you?

Cristie: I started my business for a simple reason – I was just “over it” when it came to working for other people and I wanted to do my own thing. I knew I would do well with it, I knew people would like what I made, and I knew it was the perfect time in my life to take a radical step and quit my corporate design job. My inspiration really comes from stuff I personally like. Nature, muted tones, travel, and most importantly; bugs. I really like insects and I always have. It turns out a lot of other people do, too.


Jean: What kind of products do you make? And how do you make them?

Cristie: I mostly make home décor. It started with just wood, but I’ve incorporated some acrylic and 3D printing recently. I like using technology to create, so I use laser cutters and 3D printers, but in postproduction, I spend most of my time getting the right distressed look for my pieces.


Jean: Where do you work out of? Do you rent a studio, work from home, etc?

Cristie: I have a workshop set up at my house. I enjoy the freedom of choosing what my day will be filled with.


Jean: What is your absolute favorite piece you have created?

Cristie: Probably my Krampus Advent Calendar. I really love the elegance of it. I’m a believer in creating holiday décor that fits my aesthetic.



CSAcreative's Krampus Yule Advent Calendar Countdown



Jean: What accomplishments have you been most proud of that you have achieved with CSA Creative?

Cristie: I’ve won awards, I’ve been featured by numerous brands and companies, but if I’m being honest my biggest accomplishment is the freedom to work however much or little I want with the flexibility to never be bored with my job.


Jean: Have you found there to be a lot of support out there for women business owners?

Cristie: Absolutely. Most of the support comes from other artists/makers that I’ve become friends with through Instagram. 


Jean: As a small business owner, what kinds of challenges are you experiencing?

Cristie: The market changes, theft of product design from overseas, copy-cats, and my least favorite is having creative blocks. I’m a one-woman show, so I rely on my friends and family to help me get through creative blocks.


Jean: Do you have anything new you are planning on doing this year with your business?

Cristie: I just started making 3D products. It’s been a long time since I’ve done 3D modeling, so it’s been a fun experience to get back to my roots with it. By the end of the year, I hope to have a lot more 3D items.


Jean: So you made an ashtray for us to give away in our Artisan’s Corner contest this month, and by the way, it is beautiful! Are you planning to make more of these ashtrays that our audience would be able to purchase?

Cristie: Of course! I just started this new venture, so I will have them listed on my site for purchase as soon as I am able to take the time to make more. 


CSAcreative's Crystal Cluster Ashtray


Jean: Where can we buy your stuff? I want to buy it all!

Cristie:  Through my website ( or through Etsy ( Following me on Instagram @csacreative is the best way to find my work.


Jean: Cristie, thanks again for taking time away from your business to chat with us. We are so excited to see what you come up with next!

Head over to the Cigar World social media for a chance to win this amazing ashtray!

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