180th Celebration Continues With New CigarFlashback to eight months ago, and you’d find me reading an endless amount of requests from all of you pleading for more Punch Egg Roll. It was unique, delicious and sure I won a few dozen awards for it, but it was too special to soil with “Punch Egg Roll 2.” To please all of you, I knew I had to do it even better. Enter: Punch Chop Suey. Like Egg Roll, Chop Suey has a shaggy foot, leaving those flavorful filler leaves to hang out and offer some intense and unique flavor. The Punch Chop Suey comes in a Panatela size (7 x 37) in boxes of 25 super delicious cigars. Speaking of the box, feast your eyes upon my awesome new (Chinese-takeout inspired) box. You even get your very own set of Chopsticks. THIS IS A LIMITED RELEASE, AND IT’S OUT NOW!So don’t message me in July trying to sell your soul for another box of Chop Suey. Beg your favorite shop owner to place a huge order and save a few boxes to celebrate your kid’s wedding. It’s here now and it won’t be coming back. Have I ever steered you wrong before? Cheers,Mr. Punch__________________________________________________P.S.If you’re still reading this:A: Go get a box of Punch Chop Suey, what’re you waiting for?B: You’re actually a genius because I have a super-secret message reserved only for the best of Punch fans: I have another cigar releasing soon.It’s my cigars’ 180th anniversary, you think I’d only release ONE cigar? HA. Leave a comment below of what you think I’ll name it.

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    (3 years ago)

    So glad I got a box of these. I never got the Egg Roll box but smoked as many of those as I could. Still wish I'd gotten that box. Lol.