Brothers and sisters, the time has come. Oktoberfest is upon us—a weeks-long festival celebrating my favorite libation. It is a time when the beer flows freely and the smell of bratwurst lingers in the air. Truly, what more could a beer-loving, meat-eating bobblehead like me ask for?I know you love Oktoberfest as much as I do, so I want to make sure you’re starting your celebration off the right way. That is, with a beer in your hand and a chance to win the greatest Oktoberfest prize pack ever. I’m talking beer steins, koozies, bottle openers and even more Punch swag. To enter, leave a comment below answering this very important question: If you were me, what would you name your Oktoberfest beer and what style of beer is your favorite? Personally, I like a good lager. Or a stout. Or a port. Actually, I just like beer. You’ve got until October 3rd to let me know. After that, I’ll randomly choose a few brothers and sisters to win.Oh, one last piece of advice: if you haven’t joined the Brotherhood yet, you should. Members of the Brotherhood are very important to me and, sometimes, I treat them to a little something extra. Happy Oktoberfest to all, but especially to my brothers and sisters in the Borough of Bellevue in Pittsburgh, PA. Those folks know a good cigar when they see one. Thank you for declaring Punch Cigars the “Official Cigar of the Borough of Bellevue, Allegheny County, PA.” Prost!Mr. Punch

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    I have always loved punch 🥊 cigars and now that I know about mr. punch 🥊 and his vids home and all else he does not to mention talks what a great 👍🏼 time while smoking a punch 🥊 even tastier than already is