Macanudo Inspirado debuted in Europe in 2014 and quickly became a global success, selling in more than 40 countries worldwide. With the U.S. release of Inspirado, the international flavor of Macanudo has become a fast favorite among cigar lovers across the U.S. And it wasn’t just cigar lovers, cigar reviewers felt the same way too.But rather than us telling you about its unique and exclusive tobaccos, we thought we’d let some of the cigar reviewers out there do the talking for us. Awarded a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado. “This cigar is a pleaser for the tastebuds. A multifaceted, smooth blend.” – Cigar Journal Magazine Cigar Insider bestowed a 90 rating, noting its “easy draw…and pleasant finish.”  “Tasty and indulgent cigars that are close to perfection.” - “Totally blew away all expectations I had and made me look forward to what else may be coming.” -  “Stronger and more complex.” - “Rich notes of caramel and maple segue into pleasant chariness on the finish. A really nice smoke at a reasonable price.” - Blue Collar Cigar & Pipe Co. While we appreciate the kind words, we really want to hear from you, our loyal fans. So let us know what you think of Macanudo Inspirado in the comments below.As always, happy smoking!Team Macanudo

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