79 – a most fine Vintage indeed Choosing a favorite Rocky is no easy task, but if you pushed me, I’d lean towards the Vintage family. One of the cigars that helped put Rocky on the map, the “Vintage” series features tobaccos aged for over a decade, and the results are nothing short of excellent. But nothing could prepare you for the masterpiece at hand today: Rocky Patel Vintage 1979. Yeah, you read that right: 1979. This cigar features a gorgeous, silky-smooth genuine African Cameroon wrapper leaf first cultivated 40 years ago. Don’t believe me? Taste one for yourself and you’ll be quickly convinced. The amount of delicate sweetness and subtle spice that pours out with every puff on this gem is the type of flavor you can only get from expertly aged leaf. As for the performance? Don’t worry about it. Every one of these cigars that I gobbled down (I mean… sampled) delivered a razor-sharp burn line and a smooth, buttery draw that was oh-so-appealing. I won’t lie: these boxes are going to set you back a pretty penny. But for a cigar this rare and delicious, it’s worth every red cent.

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