The cigar industry is wrapping up its “Cigar of the Year” list season. On this installment of Special Edition, Coop and Bear take a look at each other’s Top 10 cigars and compare and contrast.

In addition Coop and Bear will reflect on how the CA Top 25 turned out and touch on some big stories for 2020.


Cigar Coop 2020 Cigar of the Year Countdown:

#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 151st Take - 2020 Top 10 Cigars of the Year:

Prime Time Special Edition 91: The Unofficial CA Top 25 Pre-Game Show 2020:

Prime Time Episode 169: James Brown, Oveja Negra Brands

#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 153rd Take with guest Rafael Nodal of Tabacalera USA and Boutique Blends:

Good News on Epic Bike Trail Stretching Coast to Coast Across USA, as Cycling Popularity Soars During Pandemic:

Cat Was Thought to be a Goner in California Mudslides. 3 Years Later, the ‘Miracle Cat’ Showed Up Again

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