From the 2021 PCA Trade Show, we talk to Nick Perdomo of Perdomo Cigars.

For the past few years, Perdomo Cigars has been known to have one of the more elaborate booths at the Trade Show. This has included Macy’s department-store-like displays, a big video screen, and of course Nick Perdomo’s iconic drum set. This year, Perdomo Cigars went in the direction of economy of scale and had a much simpler booth. The booth was still was laid out quite nicely – showcasing the products very well and providing enough workspace for the Perdomo team to do business. When it comes to merchandising and placing product in a humidor, Perdomo Cigars is at the top of the game – and the displays were impressive. The booth was also bustling with activity throughout the whole trade show. Perdomo had some newer products to show off, including a surprise item that was unveiled at this year’s show.


PCA 2021 Report: Perdomo Cigars:

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