In this video, I unbox the Newair Model NMF7K5BK00 24" Pedestal Misting Fan.
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When you live in an area that is no stranger to hot temperatures, you know that the proverbial "dry heat" can deal a crushing blow to your outdoor plans.
Take back your patio, backyard, or outdoor dining area with the powerful NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan. Customizable mist volume and three fan speeds let you cool down your favorite outdoor room for instant relief — even when temperatures climb past 100°F.
The refillable water tank and water recycler provide a mess-free operation that lets your whole family enjoy barbecues, patio parties, and outdoor activities all summer long.

1. Powerful Outdoor Cooling System
The NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan provides wide-reaching relief from even the most unbearable summer heat in arid, desert climates. The powerful 7,500 CMF drives cooling mist across your patio, pool deck or outdoor kitchen to bring down the temperature while you enjoy a sunny day outdoors.

2. Customizable Mist Volume
With adjustable misting volume, you can choose from fine to full droplets to control your outdoor cooling. This outdoor misting fan also features three fan speeds and 90° left-to-right oscillation, so you can cool every corner of your outdoor space. With so many options, you can create your own patio oasis with ease.

3. Easy, Mess-Free Operation
Thanks to its easy-fill water tank, this misting fan sets you free from needing a water hose hookup. The water catcher keeps things neat while recycling excess water back into circulation. The centrifugal misting system eliminates the need for cleaning nozzles and changing filters — just fill it up and plug it in!

4. Elegance Meets Durability
The slim design of this pedestal misting fan adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor room. The metal fan blades and epoxy resin coating are designed to hold up to the elements for years of enjoyment. Its heavy-duty power and anti-corrosive finish are ideal for commercial use as well — especially during the summer months where outdoor dining is the norm.

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