Macanudo is bringing back a fan favorite for another limited-edition run. Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade was originally released in 2021 and will again be available in stores starting June 2024. It will feature the same blend and packaging as the original 2021 cigar. 

Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade Blend Breakdown

As its name suggests, Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade features a rare Brazilian Connecticut Shade wrapper. The tobacco used to create this wrapper was cultivated in the Mata Fina region of Bahia, Brazil. Beneath this wrapper, Inspirado Brazilian Shade contains a Mexican San Andrés binder and Dominican Cubita Mao, Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan Jalapa, and Brazilian filler tobacco. 

Inspirado Brazilian Shade offers tasting notes of nuts, cocoa, cream, and spice. Recommended drink pairings are Red Zinfandel, tequila, and latte. It is a medium-bodied cigar.

Steve Abbot, director of marketing for Macanudo said, “To create Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade, we made a significant investment in agronomy that spans Central and South America.  This blend speaks to our commitment to bringing unique smoking experiences to premium cigar smokers. We’re pleased to be able to offer this one-of-a-kind blend once again.”

Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade was produced in the Dominican Republic. 

Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade Product Information and Availability

Like the 2021 release, this iteration of Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade is a limited-edition cigar. It is available in two sizes — a Churchill 7 x 48 and a Toro 6.25 x 52. Both are being sold in ten-count boxes. The packaging for Inspirado Brazilian Shade features elements of green, gold, blue, and white — all traditional Brazilian colors that appear on the nation’s flag. SRP per cigar ranges from $10.99 - $11.99, depending on size. 

About Macanudo

Macanudo is one of the most popular cigar brands in the world today. Macanudo produces a number of beloved cigar lines –– ranging from industry standards like Gold Label and Café to award-winning cigars in the Inspirado series. For more information about Macanudo and all of your favorite brands, sign up for Cigar World today.


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