Macanudo adds new Gigante size to Inspirado Green line

Macanudo is adding a new size to the popular Inspirado Green line with the Inspirado Green 6X60 Gigante. The new vitola is set to arrive at retailers this February. The 6X60 Gigante boasts a bigger ring gauge than any of the previous Inspirado Green sizes  –– Robusto, Toro, and Churchill.

Macanudo Inspirado Green Gigante blend information

The new Gigante size will maintain the same blend profile as the other Inspirado Green releases. This includes Colombian and Dominican Piloto Cubano fillers, an Indonesian binder, and a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. 


Laurel Tilley, brand ambassador of Macanudo, said, “Macanudo Inspirado Green Gigante brings together the unique experience of Brazilian tobacco with one of the cigar industry’s most in-demand sizes. We’re confident that this new and distinctive smoke will deliver increased excitement to the top-selling Macanudo brand.”


Inspirado Green is a medium-bodied smoke that offers a combination of velvety smooth, earthy, peppery, and naturally sweet flavors. It first debuted in 2020, and production occurs at General Cigar Domincana in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Macanudo Inspirado Green Gigante pricing & availability

Inspirado Green 6X60 Gigante will be available as a regular release in the US market starting this February (2022). Packaging for this size remains unchanged, which means Inspirado Green 6X60 Gigantes will come in emerald-colored boxes with 20 cigars per box. SRP per individual cigar is $8.29.

About Macanudo

Macanudo is one of the most popular cigar brands in the world today. Macanudo produces a number of beloved cigar lines –– ranging from industry standards like Gold Label and Cafe, to award-winning cigars in the Inspirado series. For more information about Macanudo and all of your favorite brands, sign up for Cigar World today.

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    (20 months ago)

    Can't wait! Gigante is my favorite size. I've been smoking the Insparado Red Gigante for a while now. I've tried the Green in smaller size and like the flavor.