In this video I show you the air purifier that I keep in my cigar humidor to prevent mold and mildew from starting.

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✅ About Cigar prop.

My name is Kevin Shahan, and I hail from the Sunny Gulf Coast of Florida.
Cigar props started as one item, a simple cigar rest, born out of necessity.

Cigar prop is now a brand, a journey, a way of life. It has become known as propstyle.

That simple cigar rest has turned into a whole line of accessories, apparel, and even a weekly live show called the I’d Tap That Cigar Show.

Not content with producing social media content and cigar accessories, Cigar Prop has become a source of mentorship for those wishing to enter the cigar media community and a go-to source of information for those wanting to learn more about cigar culture.

So, remember, make sure you give your cigars the props they deserve, but more importantly, remember to live propstyle.

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