Grab a cigar and join Rick’s Virtual Smoke Session. This Thursday, April 23rd, CAO Master Blender Rick Rodriguez is hosting a virtual smoke session and wants you to join! He’ll be live from the garage and will be answering questions and giving out info on how to win CAO gear. Stock up and head over Thursday evening at 5 pm EST.

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 Watch via a livestream here on Cigar World starting at 5 pm EST Thursday, April 23rd.

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    (4 months ago)

    Hey hope you and fss as Miley are safe . I am interested in the rabid reindeer snd nut cracker. I know they are holiday blend small stock . I am a regular MX2 6/60 & the sessions taste . So what do you have cooking ? I prefer Maduro from 12 pm what’s a nice breakfast stick with coffee? I am tired of bouncing around . Thank you Brian