In this video, we smoke and review the J.C. Newman Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Cigar.

From J.C. Newman:
In 1884, a young Spanish immigrant, Angel LaMadrid Cuesta, opened his first cigar factory and soon earned a reputation as one of the greatest handmade cigar craftsmen of his day.
He was joined a few years later by Peregrino Rey forming the world-renowned Cuesta-Rey premium quality cigars. Cuesta-Rey cigars were once the official cigar of 19th century Spanish King Alfonso XIII, and Señor Cuesta was honored with the title, “Tobacco Purveyor for the Spanish King and Court.” Today, more than a century later, Senor Cuesta’s commitment to handmade cigar excellence is commemorated with the Cuesta-Rey line of cigars.

From CI:
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino features a hearty blend of five-year-aged Dominican ligero long-fillers. A flavorful and rich Sumatra-seed Sungrown wrapper is cultivated on the Oliva family farm in the highly fertile Quevedo region of Ecuador. Each leaf is hand-selected from the “Centro Fino,” (fine center) of the plant. Medium to full in body, Cuesta-Rey cigars are then patiently aged in Spanish cedar-lined cabinets, which bring out even more pronounced flavors.
WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Centro Fino Sungrown
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Dominican
FACTORY: Tabacalera A. Fuente

From Halfwheel:
The culebra size is rolled by combining three cigars together and twisting them before the cigars are sent to an aging room to dry. Culebras are actually three cigars, made to be taken apart and smoked individually.
The Brick House is made at the company’s J.C. Newman PENSA in Estelí, Nicaragua.

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