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Isabella Cigars has a new release and the name is fitting for this beast; Mammoth. It's available in 2 sizes; 7x70 and 8x80. Yes, you read that correctly. These are, by far, the biggest creations to ever come from Isabella. I will be reviewing the 7x70 version in early January but wanted to let everyone know about these cigars so that you can purchase them before they are gone.

Here is what Johnny, owner of Isabella Cigars, says about the cigar:

We had multiple multiple requests from our Retailers for a larger gauge cigar, similar to the Guerrillas.

The Guerrillas, previously our largest vitola, has been a lights out hit for us. That blend was a very difficult blend for us, as its a 6 x 60, and it was extremely challenging to create a blend in that large of a vitola, to inject the personality of ISABELA into such a large format, as well as to effect multiple transitions ...so challenging in fact, that it took a couple of years of trials and 38 failed blend creations to get it right.

The Mammoth presented those same long forgotten challenges, as well as many new ones....with so much filler and such large ring gauges, trying to get the right mix of tobaccos to yield our unique identity, as well as effect multiple transitions, along with having to make custom molds for the MAMMOTH, then finding a roller that can craft such a beast, was as close to the impossible that we have come to , yet ! However , it was also a unique challenge, and by the time we started realizing this may not work, we had already invested 2 years of trial blends and thrown away hundreds of failed samples.

We finally got the blend nailed down and PERFECT... and crafted 100 Boxes of each size...7 x70 and 8 x80

We NEVER took into consideration the amount of tobaccos each cigar used, as when you look at a 6 x 60, you think " well, its only an inch longer and 10 more points on the ring gauge", but in actuality, the 7 x 70 takes almost TWICE the amount of tobaccos used as the 6 x 60, and the 8 x 80 , almost 3x the amount of the 6 x 60.

All at a time of regular rising of tobacco prices almost monthly.

Then , the cost to make such a LARGE Box, to fit these Beast. AND add to that, the weight of each filled box, and the cost of shipping each one. We never figured or thought of the economics of scale for this Creation.

So we finally, after starting 3 years ago, produced, aged and readied what we feel is the ONLY Craft and Blend of this SIZE, on the planet, that actually combines a full reveal of multiple transitions of ever-changing flavor profiles, with Cuban Artisan Master Craftsmanship, a ONE OF A KIND Creation.

Due to the above mentioned costs, this one is the truest "labor of love", with an MSRP of $13.95 and $14.95, respectively.

With the MAMMOTH series, we are striving to do something a bit different, than most of our IMAGINE Ltd releases, we are shooting for a twice a year release, and will be growing the MAMMOTH series to include a 6 x 60 and a 6 x 70, in the future.

Most of this release will ship direct to ISABELA Official Retailers, with smaller amounts available for direct purchase. Both a List of Official Retailers, as well as Online Ordering for smaller quantities, is available at our website www.isabelacigarcompany.com.

So don't miss out on this Mammoth sized cigar! Visit their website today or one of their retailers before the Mammoth becomes extinct! (for now, anyway)

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