At CAO, we love breaking the rules. We look forward to the impossible. We’ll travel to places others won’t dare go and we won’t leave until we’re satisfied. And our latest endeavor does just that.   Introducing CAO Solfyre. Cinnamon and Whiskey, a match made in Hell.   The smoke:   Our newest member of the Flavours family is a dynamic duo of cinnamon and whiskey handcrafted in hell's kitchen. This fiery blend has just the right amount of spice to leave your palate burning with approval.      Simply put, it’s a cigar crafted for the thrill-seeking, live life on the edge type guys.   That’s why we want you to comment below with the craziest, most daring thing you’ve ever dared to do. Even better, you’ll be entered to win CAO Solfyre before they hit the shelves (Contest is now closed).   Ready to give us the truth behind your dare?

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