EIROA The First 20 Years Cigar Review | #leemack912 (S07 E63). All Honduran with tobacco grown by Julio Eiroa. Contains an heirloom tobacco in the binder and filler that hasn't been used in a cigar in half a century. It is a full-bodied smoke, boldly brimming with palate-pleasing flavors!

Eiroa the First 20 Years celebrates a special anniversary for Christian Eiroa. After 20 years in the cigar industry, Christian’s father presented him with a special crop of tobaccos to create something bold... something special. His gift, along with two decades of hard work and planning helped to create this special limited release. Christian made sure that this amazing smoke was not to be released until it was perfect... and now it's here. The Eiroa first 20 Years are a unique and flavorful addition to the Eiroa family of cigars. After a twenty year destined meeting, it's love at first light!

The Eiroa the First 20 Years cigar is all Honduran with tobacco grown by Julio Eiroa on the Jamastran Valley and rolled out of the Aladino Factory in Danli, Honduras, containing an heirloom tobacco in the binder and filler that hasn't been used in a cigar in half a century. It is a full-bodied smoke, boldly brimming with palate-pleasing flavors! The well-balanced complexities of dark chocolate, espresso, warm spices, toasty almonds, earth, and leather come together to create a beautifully high-end smoking experience. Give this stellar blend a try and enjoy the fruits of a master-blender at his best.

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