Whether you are looking for a special gift for a cigar lover in your life or you want to spoil yourself with the finest cigars delivered right to your door every month, the Cigars of the Month Club at Corona Cigar Co. is the perfect choice! It is the perfect gift for anyone that loves the finest cigars from around the world.

Each monthly selection is hand-chosen by our professionals that are what we consider, cigar experts. We make the finest choices from our premium inventory and deliver them directly to you or your recipient on a monthly basis!

Save 10% on ALL of your future purchases when you join the "Cigars of the Month Club"!

Join our Cigar Club and save 10% off of your orders with us!
Plus, when you join our monthly club we’ll include a cigar torch lighter for free!

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Thanks for watching the July 2020 unboxing of the Corona Cigar of the Month Club shipment.

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