I can’t believe it. It’s December 18th and I’ve been speechless since yesterday morning. This is a day I will NEVER forget. Yesterday started out like any other day. I knew Cigar Aficionado was releasing two more cigars in the Top 25 of 2015. I was of course interested to see who was going to be in it. I never imagined it would be us!!!! As you’ve probably heard by now, CAO Flathead Carb (660) was named the #3 cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado. Flathead received an unheard of 95 rating, making it a “Classic” on their scale. Carb became the first 60 ring cigar EVER in Cigar Aficionado’s top 3, and the highest-rated 60 ring cigar in the history of Cigar Aficionado.  It’s also the highest rated cigar we’ve ever made. EVER. Read that again. EVER. We beat out some amazing cigars to get this incredible honor. But it’s so much more than that. To me and to Ed, the rating and the #3 spot in the best cigars of 2016 means so much more. When we took the reins on CAO a few years ago, we had a lot of skeptics in our path. Now look at us! We gained recognition for everyone on our team who worked alongside us to make this happen. We also could not have gotten here without our fans. Thank you guys so much for your support! I have to first thank Susan and Sara, my wife and daughter. Ed wants to thank his family, too. We would also like to recognize Alan Willner for his support. And Benji Menendez, Edwin Guevara, Jhonys Diaz, Hector Vanegas, Agustin Garcia, Jorge Maradiaga, Abel Cruz, Ernest Gocaj, Victoria McKee, Michael Giannini, Gus Martinez, Daniel Nunez, and everyone else in the company who believed in us. Christmas came early for all of us at CAO.  We get to end the year on a high note, having one of the best cigars of 2015. With grateful appreciation to Dave Savona, Greg Mottola and the rest of the team Cigar Aficionado. Fire up a CAO Flathead Carb and celebrate with us! Happy holidays! Rick

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