Everyone knows that torch lighters can be finicky from time to time. The Jets can become clogged with dust and ash and purging and refilling with butane can be downright painful!. Well the world of torch lighters is about to change as we know it. Introducing the Bugatti Mirage. This sleek and stylish dual flame lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. The Mirage features a brand-new fuel management system with easy-to-load butane refill pods. No more refilling or purging. Simply unscrew the end cap, pull out the old pod and replace it with a new one. No fuss, no mess, and a perfect light every time. Clogged jets are also a thing of the past as well. The Mirage comes standard with replaceable burner cylinders that can be removed and replaced in seconds, so you can get back to lighting up your favorite premium hand-mades. Heavy in the hand, and extremely durable, Bugatti delivers a much-needed game changer to the world of torch lighters. Pick up the Bugatti Mirage from Cigars International today!

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