Featured guest Brian Andrews, Founder of Privada Cigar Club, shares his thoughts on the impact of monthly cigar subscriptions services. Are they the future? Are they a fad? Is there room for more than one? Brian and Rob sit down with a very unique cigar and discuss it all on this episode of Box Press. Indoor Vs. Outside Smoking (2:40) What are we smoking? (6:15) Winston Churchill way to "cut" a 60 ring gauge cigar (9:20) What is it that is making monthly cigar subscriptions more popular? (13:10) Brian's new drink paring (14:20) Why Rum & Brandy are go to's for paring with cigars (16:00) Monthly Cigar Clubs are Evolving (18:50) Will everything be subscription based on day? (20:10) Who are cigar clubs for? Beginners only? (22:05) Privada Support (26:30) How does Brian find limited/hard to find cigars for his club (27:35) Privada Cigar Club started from one man's collection (30:20) Privada struggled in the beginning (33:00) Is there Tension between Retail & Monthly Cigar Subscriptions? (40:55) Are Monthly Cigar Subscriptions the Future? (54:55) Are there threats to the monthly cigar subscription model (1:01:45) Spirited Smoke (1:04:30) Listen on Apple Podcast Here: https://apple.co/2E5iNlZ Listen on Spotify Here: https://spoti.fi/2Y4x7WF Listen on Google Play Here: https://play.google.com/music/m/Ihir6eau4eh53d73rpt3n6a63aa?t=Box_Press Website: https://www.bovedainc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bovedausa/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/bovedainc Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bovedainc/ #BoxPress #PrivadaCigarClub

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