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The Cigar World news feed is your one-stop shop for any and all of your favorite cigar news, videos and reviews. You can now easily customize your feed by selecting the topics and sources you want to follow.

We've aggregated news, reviews, promotions, events and announcements from around the cigar industry. 

Customize your news feed now. 

1. Select the news tab on Cigar World.

2. Select "news categories."

3. Choose what you're interested in following. (News, Reviews, Announcements, Promotions, Events, Videos)

4. Next select the sources you're interested in following. 

You can now follow these Cigar News Sources on Cigar World: 

  • Blind Man's Puff
  • CAO Cigars
  • Cigar Advisor
  • Cigar Dojo
  • Cigar Journal
  • Cigar Vixen
  • CigarObsession
  • halfwheel
  • Macanudo
  • Punch Cigars

Or follow these YouTube Channels on Cigar World: 

  • Cigars Daily
  • JR Cigars
  • Zeal Cigar Review
  • Cigar-Coop
  • Cigar Vixen
  • Punch Cigars
  • Boveda
  • Cigar Artistry
  • Cigar Aficionado
  • Cigar Prop
  • Cigar Snob Magazine
  • TNT Cigar Review
  • LeeMack912 McClain
  • Mister Lancero
  • RonRealTV
  • Smoke n' Lead
  • Martín Amaya Cigar Reviews
  • SoySauceAssassin
  • The Burn Down
  • Cigar Dave Show
  • Tim Rollins
  • Bill Binder
  • The Official Cigars International
  • Famous Smoke Shop
  • Holt's Cigar Company
  • Best Cigar Prices
  • CutLightSmoke
  • Should I Smoke This?
  • Tea 'n' Tobacco

If there other sources of Cigar News and Content you would like to see on Cigar World, let us know in the comments below.

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    (2 years ago)

    Nice addition to customization of the site!