A golden anniversary, the 5 Vegas way. By now, you’ve probably had a chance to try the 5 Vegas Gold. If not, let me fill you in. 5 Vegas Gold is a juggernaut. The best-selling, mellow premium quickly became one of the most popular blends in the business, and now it’s time to celebrate that legacy with the irresistible 5 Vegas Gold Anniversary line, and one of the best names in the biz when it comes to anniversary editions. Created in collaboration with Nick Perdomo and made in the same factory that brought us the 10th Anniversary Champagne, the Craft Series, and the best-selling Lot 23, this beautiful handmade cigar comes meticulously wrapped in a carefully grown Connecticut leaf, with nearly invisible seams and a satiny, smooth texture. Underneath, a well-aged blend of Nicaraguan fillers gives the smooth, mellow profile a bit of extra spice and a rich character. This cigar is brimming with complexity and nuance, the price is right, and with a name like Perdomo handling production, the word is going to spread like wildfire. It's obvious you can't go wrong with this one, so grab a box and be part of the celebration!

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