A Deep Dive Into Wine

The complex and sophisticated tasting notes found within fine wine make a fabulous complement to any classic cigar. Catch the first iteration of the Masters Series as we sit down with industry leaders like Aaron Michaelis of the Flint Knoll Winery to explore the best ways to enjoy a glass of wine, no matter the occasion.

  • Ep. 1 Napa Valley

    Learn about the emergence of Napa Valley from Aaron Michaels - Founder of Flint Knoll Winery

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  • Ep. 2 The Farming Process

    Proprietor and vintner at Flint Knoll winery Aaron Michaelis covers the importance of farming in the wine-making process.

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  • Ep. 3 Swirling & Spitting

    If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, you’ve probably seen people closely examining, swirling, and then spitting out wine.

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  • Ep. 4 The Wine Category

    Having trouble getting started with wine? Don't sweat it — we'll help you begin your journey here.

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  • Ep. 5 Glassware & Decanters

    Learn the differences between wine glasses and how they affect the overall wine experience.

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  • Ep. 6 Old World vs. New World

    Where is the best wine produced? We break down the New World vs Old World wine debate here.

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  • Ep. 7 Caring for Wine

    You don’t need your own cellar to properly care for your favorite wines.

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  • Ep. 8 Taking Wine to a Party

    Find the perfect type of wine to bring to any social occasion with help from our expert.

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  • Ep. 9 Wine & Cigars

    Wine and cigars may not be the most common pairing, but they can work wonderfully together.

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Join us for Volume 2 of the Cigar World Masters Series as Cohiba Brand Ambassador Sean Williams sits down with Tom Fischer of the Bourbon Blog to discuss the most classic pairing of all: cigars and whiskey. Learn the basics of partnering whiskeys with cigars, some faux pas to avoid when indulging in public, and how to enjoy your next whiskey and cigar combo to the fullest.

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