Masters Series Volume One: Wine - Episode One

Welcome to the Master Series, your chance to learn about all aspects of the cigar lifestyle, beyond just the cigars.  

Our first episode features Aaron Michaelis, the proprietor and vintner at Flint Knoll winery. Aaron developed a love for wine back in Wichita, KS, while working at, coincidentally enough, Cigar Chateau, a local cigar and accessories shop. Now a staple of the Napa wine scene, watch as he discusses the emergence of California's most prestigious wine country.

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Wine and cigars may not be the most common pairing, but under the right circumstances, they can work wonderfully together.

Next Article: The Farming Process

In our second episode of the Masters Series, proprietor and vintner at Flint Knoll winery Aaron Michaelis covers the importance of farming in the wine-making process.

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  • Member Avatar
    (57 days ago)

    Amazing insights on Napa Valley. I've been looking to go, this enticed the want to a need.

  • Member Avatar
    (19 months ago)

    I love the wine side of things. Like cigars, there is so much complexity and ritual involved. I have been making wine for about 12 years now and some of my favorites have come from Napa Valley. Shipping in the fresh grapes is pricey but the experience is well worth it.

  • Member Avatar
    (20 months ago)

    The 4% thing blew my mind. Makes you really respect and appreciate the product and reputation that Napa has been able to establish. Such a big impact, with little output.

    • Member Avatar
      (9 months ago)

      Same! I would have guessed a much higher number.

  • Member Avatar
    (20 months ago)

    Love This and I also Love a Good Wine