The Wonderful World of Whiskey

Join us for Volume 2 of the Cigar World Masters Series as Cohiba Brand Ambassador Sean Williams sits down with Tom Fischer of the Bourbon Blog to discuss the most classic pairing of all: cigars and whiskey. Learn the basics of partnering whiskeys with cigars, some faux pas to avoid when indulging in public, and how to enjoy your next whiskey and cigar combo to the fullest.

  • Ep. 1 Brown Spirit Basics

    What’s the difference between bourbon and rye? At what age does “Scotch” become Scotch? Learn all that and more.

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  • Ep. 2 Getting Into Whiskey

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Discover the ideal way to begin your whiskey journey on the right foot.

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  • Ep. 3 Giving Orders

    Neat or on the rocks? Our experts explain when and how to change up your standard whiskey order.

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  • Ep. 4 Take Note

    See how to sharpen your palate to pick up subtle but rewarding tasting notes in whiskeys and cigars.

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  • Ep. 5 A Shared Craftsmanship

    Cigars and whiskeys are—at their core—artisanal products that require skill and patience to craft. Learn more here.

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  • Ep. 6 The Classics

    Whiskey cocktails and cigars have rich and storied histories. Learn about industry classics and how they came to be.

  • Ep. 7 Faux Pas

    No one wants to look foolish when enjoying cigars or whiskey in public. Here is what to avoid the next time you head to a lounge.

  • Ep. 8 Age Before Beauty

    The secret ingredient to a great whiskey or cigar? Time. Explore the effects of aging on cigars and whiskey.

  • Ep. 9 Experience Luxury Pairings

    Raise a glass with us and experience some of our favorite premium cigar and whiskey pairings.

  • Ep. 10 Beyond the Manhattan Project, Part 1

    There’s a beautiful world of whiskey cocktails out there. Taste some lesser-known concoctions to pair with cigars.

  • Ep. 11 Beyond the Manhattan Project, Part 2

    Discover more hidden gem cocktails to partner with some of the rarest, most exceptional cigars.

  • Ep. 12 Weller by Cohiba

    Learn about the ultimate cigar for whiskey lovers. Experience Weller by Cohiba.

  • Ep. 13 Price Wars

    Looking for accessible, affordable, yet amazing cigar and whiskey options? Look no further! 

The complex and sophisticated tasting notes found within fine wine make a fabulous complement to any classic cigar. Catch the first iteration of the Masters Series as we sit down with industry leaders like Aaron Michaelis of the Flint Knoll Winery to explore the best ways to enjoy a glass of wine, no matter the occasion.

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